TV News – 11/5/10

TGIF! It has been a long week, especially with all the moving we did last weekend. Moving + pregnancy makes for a cranky, tired TV journalist. 😉 With all that in mind let’s get to a little bit of news and then let’s all go to sleep and have delicious dreams of Shemar Moore, Alex O’Loughlin, David Boreanaz or whichever television star makes you drool. Personally, I’ll take all three. 😀

Unfortunatley, for any fans out there, NBC has cancelled Undercovers, after only airing 7 episodes, with no order of the back 9. I was not a huge fan, but I thought this series had promise. The survey would say that I’m not always right, too bad. We’ll see where the next step takes the genius that is J.J. Abrams. Farewelll, Undercovers may you all land on your feet. Source

That is honestly the only bit of news that is worth writing about for the time being. Perhaps after we get settled there’ll be more interesting news to report. Sweet dreams my lovelies, have a great weekend.

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