If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/9/10

I am so happy that baseball is over, and that TV is getting back to normal. Have you all enjoyed having Jethro from Zap2It around this week? I know I have. He always makes me giggle, and I enjoy having a guy’s view on what to watch. Let’s see what we all think you should be watching.

Megan’s Choice

(First, Jenny says to click on the pictures to see bigger versions – especially of this one. It’s fantastic!) No big surprise from me tonight. I think you should be watching Glee on FOX. Despite what some other journalists thought, (you know who you are!), I really enjoyed the Rocky Horror episode. Perhaps it was watching Uncle Jesse.. I mean John Stamos.. sing that really made me love it.

On tonight’s episode, Finn and Sam find an unconvential way to control their urges, so some of the other glee kids start using it. Coach Beiste gets wind of it, and she isn’t happy. Interested? Tune into FOX at 8/7c to give into your curiosity. Learn where to find episodes online of Glee @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what everyone else recommends.

Lisa’s Choice

Raising Hope is a show that steadily continues to draw in viewers that have taken this darling of a show and have made it their new favorite; me included! Who can resist a show that is unique in plot and in characters?!

Tonight, baby Hope catches a cold, and Virginia panics because the entire family has no health insurance. Jimmy decides to take on a second job at the grocery store where his crush Sabrina works so he can afford Hope’s doctor bill.

Watch this funny off kilter family centered show on FOX tonight at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Raising Hope @ Clicker.

Jethro’s Choice

I’m really excited about the season premiere of Bravo’s The Fashion Show. Why? One word: Iman. She’s absolutely nuts and I love it. With Iman comes some changes to the show that I couldn’t be happier were made. The bar has been raised a notch. That’s not to say that the production value feels as rich as Project Runway’s in its hey day. But, let’s face it, Runway isn’t the same since it left Bravo. So, definitely, Bravo doesn’t have to stretch as much to fill its shoes nowadays.

The Fashion Show takes two teams and pits them against each other in design challenges. At the end of each show, the team that produces the best collection is safe while the other team loses a member. Joining Iman on the judging panel are designer Isaac Mizrahi and Harper’s Bazaar Features Director Laura Brown. It premieres tonight at 10/9c on Bravo!

Check out an interview with Isaac Mizrahi at Zap2it. Also, learn where to find episodes online of The Fashion Show @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice

Some great stuff on tonight, but one of my very favorites tonight is NCIS: LA on CBS. Forget the fact that the cast is pretty to look at. The chemistry is fantastic, Linda Hunt as Hetty is one of the best damn parts of the show, and they always manage to weave in the back stories of the characters without them taking over.

On tonight’s episode, when a former Army Sergeant responsible for hunting down valuable targets is found dead, NCIS searches for terrorist leaders suspected of his murder; Deeks (the very pretty Eric Christian Olsen, Brothers & Sisters) bonds with a person of interest in the case, making him more determined to find the killers.

Don’t miss tonight’s new episode of NCIS: LA on CBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Fashion Show @ Clicker.

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