TV News – 11/9/10

Howdy folks! What a crazy week I’ve had since moving, and I cannot wait for everything to get organized so I can rest a bit. Speaking of resting, it seems the TV news world is moving at a vacation pace, but I’ll see what I can dig up for you. Check it out below.

After only a couple episodes, The Walking Dead, has been renewed for a second season by AMC. In it’s premiere episodes it has had some record breaking ratings for the station. The new show is based off of the comic book series that is written by Robert Kirkman. Have you been watching?Source

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Kristin over at E!Online has some really great spoilers in her recent chat, and I really think if you like spoilers it’s worth checking it out. She chats about Grey’s Anatomy, Smallville and the ever amusing Modern Family. There are details on these shows and so much more so if you like spoilers away you go, if you don’t enjoy treats then don’t click the link. Spoilers ahead

The People’s Choice Awards nominees have been announced and there are some surprises. Check out the full list here and be sure to check back later for my opinions on the nominees.

That’s all for news at the moment. Hope you all have a fabulous day and don’t forget to sit back and enjoy a Gleeful night tonight. 😉

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