TV News – 11/11/10

This week is thankfully flying by. I hope you are all having a great week and looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. Let’s talk a look at the news for today shall we?

AMC has decided not to renew Rubicon for a second season. The show had a fabulous and talented cast, however the ratings simply did not equal out to enough for the network. For example, The Walking Dead has been bringing in ratings in the 5 million range while Rubicon was staying around 1 million since it’s premiere. Farewell Rubicon. Source

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Rob Kazinsky (The Hobbit), will be joining the cast of Brothers & Sisters as a ex-boyfriend of Justin’s new love interest Annie (Odette Yustman). At the moment Kazinsky is only in one episode so far but there’s a strong possibility he’ll be sticking around for more. I think this is great casting and it’s going to add even more delicious drama to the series. Source

While Ausiello is no long writing his column for Entertainment Weekly he is still bringing us scoops, and I’m loving it. This time he’s bringing us information via about Darren Criss (A Very Potter Musical, Eastwick). Criss just finished premiering on Glee this past Tuesday and already he’s in talks to become a series regular. I think this is brilliant and delicious news. I loved Criss on the episode and can’t wait for his relationship with Kurt to blossom. Are you as excited as I am about this news?

FOX has dropped Running Wilde from it’s schedule for the rest of Sweeps. In it’s place FOX will run reruns of Raising Hope until Wilde returns with new episodes on November 30th. I don’t know if this is just precursor to cancellation, but it’s never good. What are your thoughts? Source

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Sweet dreams.

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2 Responses to TV News – 11/11/10

  1. Eva says:

    OMG, Megan, I love you, you totally made my day just now with the Glee news! I absolutely fall for Criss the first moment I saw him and their Teenage Dream was my favorite performance of the season so far! I so so so hope he will be regular 🙂
    Btw. Don’t you know if there’s a chance that Jonathan Groff will appear in the show again?

  2. Megan says:

    It’s nice to be loved ! 🙂 I love Criss, he totally melted me and I suddenly felt like a teenage girl all over again. lol. There are rumours that they are trying to get Groff back but nothing has been announced yet. Promise if I find out anything I’ll pass it along. Thanks as always for reading!