TV News – 11/21/10

I started writing this on Friday night but the storm knocked out my internet. I’m okay with that even though it meant not getting to post because we got a bunch of beautiful snow. We don’t get snow here very much so it’s really nice. So without further adieu here’s the news.

CBS has pulled the plug on Medium as of January 21st. The show follows Allison Dubois (Patricia Arquette) as she deals with her supernatural dreams and solves crimes. There aren’t as many lovers of the show as there used to be and the ratings just aren’t there. Farewell Medium I’m sure Arquette will land on her feet.Source

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Beau Bridges (Norma Rae) is going to be joining the cast of Brothers & Sisters as a new love interest for Nora (Sally Field). The couple worked together on Norma Rae and now they’ll team up to bring us some more romantic drama on the show. I think it’s a nice casting idea, congrats.Source

FOX has announced it’s midseason schedule and it looks pretty good. American Idol is moving to Wednesday/Thursday which is going to test America’s love for the show seeing as Thursday is one of the biggest nights for television. Check out the full schedule over here

That’s all for now, hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

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