If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/23/10

Day 3 of the 4 night short week for TV. I’m so excited for Thanksgiving, because it’s just going to be myself, my husband, and our son. We’re staying home, taking a 4 day weekend, and just enjoying being here with no pressing work responsibilities for either of us. We’ve got a crappy old oven/stove, (thanks, landlord), so we have turkey on order from the grocery store, but we’re cooking everything else ourselves, and we’re planning on doing some favorites from my childhood. My mom’s green bean casserole, my aunt’s vegetable pull bread and broccoli salad. Yum. That’s in addition to the normal stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, scalloped potatoes (for the boys, cause I hate em)… Plus, for breakfast, we’re doing 2 more things from my childhood: sausage cheeseballs and monkey bread. OMG, I’m drooling already. Anyway, that’s enough food talk. LOL Read on to see what we think you should be watching tonight! 😉

Jenny’s Choice

I’m actually going to do something I swore I wouldn’t do when I started this column, but being Thanksgiving week, I hope you’ll thank me, rather than be angry. 😉 I’m going to recommend two shows. Yes, you heard me. Two. Eek! *grin*

My first recommendation tonight is NCIS on CBS. Last week’s episode was huge, with Ziva facing her father for the first time since he left her to die in the desert after she was kidnapped. It was a brilliant episode for Cote De Pablo, really, and a fantastic episode for everyone. And the end… Holy crap, that was a shocker! I’ve heard spoilers about this show, which I won’t reveal on here, but I will say that if you are a fan, you do NOT want to miss tonight’s ep.

Tonight, in the aftermath of a deadly ambush, a new twist has been added to their current investigation as the team tries to pin down some answers; one team member has a flashback to their first mission with the NCIS. Don’t miss this episode tonight on CBS at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of NCIS @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what else I recommend, and what everyone else thinks you should watch.

My second recommendation tonight is Raising Hope on FOX. Last week was one of the funniest episodes so far. So very wrong (in fact, the entire show is. lol), but so damn funny. Maw Maw, Virginia, and Jimmy ending up on the registered sex offender’s list? Hysterical. lol Tonight’s episode should be fantastic, too.

Tonight, instead of following his usual Thanksgiving custom, Jimmy decides to invite Hope’s other grandparents to join the Chances for a more traditional dinner. They soon find out the apple does not fall far from the tree… Greg Germann and Valerie Mahaffey guest star.

Don’t miss the new episode of Raising Hope on FOX at 9:01/8:01c. Learn where to find episodes online of Raising Hope @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

It’s been long awaited and much anticipated, and now the big event is here…Carol Burnett is guest starring on Glee! When I talked to Dot Marie Jones, she said that no matter if she was on set or not the day that Carol Burnett was filming, she’d be there. When I talked to Jayma Mays, she said that she learned that Carol would be on Glee from the front page of IMDB.com and that she was so excited she had her husband take a picture of her holding up her computer with Carol’s face on it. That’s right, even the stars of the show have been on pins and needles over Carol’s appearance, and now it’s all come to fruition.

Tonight’s episode revolves around Sue’s mother (Burnett) coming in to town to visit both of her daughters, and Kurt’s dad (the fabulous Mike O’Malley) and Finn’s mom decide to take a big step in their relationship. Speaking of relationships, some special ones continue to develop and blossom among the members of the glee club. Get your laugh on tonight with Carol, and of course the Glee cast, on FOX at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Glee @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice

While it’s true that Glee is on tonight, and by far one of my favorite shows, there is another show on tonight that is in my top favorite list, NCIS: Los Angeles. Last week’s episode was filled with lots of mystery and intrigue, especially the back stories involving the ever amusing Hetty (Linda Hunt).

This week’s episode will find the team and numerous others searching for the infamous little black book, the one that has already brought a lot of death and problems.

Tune into CBS at 9/8c to find out if the team can beat the intelligence agents to the book. Learn where to find episodes online of NCIS: Los Angeles @ Clicker.

Jose’s Choice

Tuesday is definitely one of those TV nights where quality wins out over quantity. There aren’t as many must see shows, but those that are on are very good, with Glee, Detroit 1-8-7, and the two NCIS shows as good options. For tonight, I’m going to recommend something a little close to my love of sci-fi, Stargate Universe.

The third installment of the Stargate franchise, Stargate Universe (or SGU as fans call it), takes the exploration of the universe to a whole new level. Darker and edgier than its predecessors, it still has the sense of adventure that appears throughout the different Stargate shows.

The show follows a group of scientists and military personnel that are marooned on the Destiny, a spaceship built by the Ancients, as it travels through a distant corner of the universe. Unable to get back home and with limited supplies on a ship they can’t control, the crew struggles to survive in a foreign environment with new dangers at every turn.

I’ve been a fan of all things Stargate since the original movie with Kurt Russell and James Spader. At first, I wasn’t sure about Stargate Universe, but I’ve been drawn in by the immensity of the challenge facing the crew of Destiny and the character storylines. Tonight’s episode, “Visitation,” will bring old friends back to Destiny who were thought to be lost, and one crewmember may be slipping away forever.

Stargate Universe airs on Syfy at at 9/8c. I look forward to hearing what you think about it. Learn where to find episodes online of Stargate Universe @ Clicker.

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