USA Characters Unite

The USA Network prides themselves on having a wide selection of ‘characters’ on their shows, and today those ‘Characters’ are working together for a great cause.

The Pledge : “As a character of the USA, I pledge to stand against intolerance, prejudice, discrimination and hate, and to promote greater understanding and acceptance. I believe life is richer and we are stronger as a country when we see beyond stereotypes and appreciate each other for the characters we are. After all, characters are what makes us, USA.”

Jump ahead to read more on their plight.

USA has pledged to donate $1 for every pledge made over the next four weeks. You too can do your part to help raise money to fight intolerance, prejudice, discrimination and hate by taking the pledge here .

To see all the details and watch the important Public Service Announcements, head over to, check them out on Twitter or on Facebook

Remember that we all can make a difference in the fight against intolerance, hate and discrimination by simply taking a stand.

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