TV News- 12/1/10

I can’t believe that’s it’s December already! This year just flew by, and the holiday season is upon us. Soon my house will be busy with Christmas preparations, and then baby preparations… wow it’s all going so fast! Okay, that’s enough panic moments for me for now, let’s look at some news.

Reiko Aylesworth (Lost), will be reuniting with her former co-star Daniel Dan Kim on Hawaii Five-0. Aylesworth will be playing the ex-fiance of Kim’s character Chin Ho. With a possibility for it to be a recurring role, the introduction of her character will take place when Chin Ho is on a case that leads “to the local hospital, and he runs into his former squeeze, a beautiful and smart doctor,” leading to a possible rekindled romance. I’m excited about any news that has to do with Hawaii Five-0 and any thing that has to do with more character development. Source

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Idina Menzel (Wicked, Glee), will be heading her own musical drama next season for ABC. She will be playing a single mother of a teenager, and she’ll be a waitress, and a wedding/bar mitzvah performer to make money. David Knoller (Big Love) will be executive producing the series, and Menzel herself will help serve as producers. Don’t worry there is still hope for her reprising her role on Glee later this season as Rachel’s (Lea Michele) mother. I don’t know how I feel about another muscial show, but I know I love Idina Menzel so I’ll give anything involving her a chance, what about you? Source

In case you haven’t heard, the amazing Bruce Campbell from Burn Notice is getting his own spin-off, starting with a prequel movie in Spring 2011. The other bit of news is that Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) will be directing it. He’s super excited and while he loves playing a spy on the show, he has been looking forward to a chance to run the show. Are you as excited as I am about a prequel spin-off? Sound off below.

That’s all she wrote for tonight folks. I hope you all have a fabulous night and gear up for a great night of television tomorrow.

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