If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/8/10

Time is absolutely flying, isn’t it? I swear, it seems like I was just celebrating Thanksgiving a few days ago, and now, we’re already 8 days into December. I know you didn’t come here to read a bunch of nonsense, though, so let’s just head straight into what we recommend!

Jenny’s Choice

Some big news came down the other day about my favorite show, Criminal Minds. After letting AJ Cook go from the show and reducing Paget Brewster’s episode order (which they have now decided was a stupid decision–good job to Paget for sticking up for herself and telling them no about being in all the episodes), the powers that be have made upcoming guest star, Rachel Nichols (who appears first on tonight’s episode), a series regular.

Nichols will play FBI cadet Ashley Seager, whom Agent Hotchner asks to consult on a case because her unusual family history gives her a perspective helpful to the BAU. She was set to appear in 3 episodes, but that has obviously been extended. Me? I’m happy about it, because they need more women on the show, but it also sucks because AJ Cook was so fabulous as JJ. 🙁

On tonight’s episode, the BAU team is on the hunt inside a gated New Mexico community where a killer has been targeting the women of the neighborhood; Hotch looks for help in the investigation with an FBI cadet that has a unique past.

Regardless of your thoughts on the hirings/firings/behind-the-scenes-goings-on, don’t miss the new episode tonight on CBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Criminal Minds @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what Megan & Lisa recommend.

Megan’s Choice

It’s coming down to the wire of Hell’s Kitchen, and I’m looking forward to finding out which one of these “chefs” takes home the prize. I was quite disappointed last week when Chef Ramsay decided to spare them and not send anyone home, because I’ve been counting down the days until Trevor goes home. He’s the bane of my existence, and he drives me absolutely crazy. Hopefully, this week the little weasel bites the dust. 😉

On tonight’s episode, the final four (the sequel), are challenged to creat a balanced fusion dish, and will be judged by some of L.A.’s top chefs. Then, at dinner service, the tempers reach a boiling point and Chef Ramsay has to step in.

Tune in tonight at 9/8c to see how Ramsay deals with the meltdowns. Learn where to find episodes online of Hell’s Kitchen @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

Make your night a little more modern with the families who can make you laugh at the slightest hint of humor. The Dunphys and the Pritchetts are where it’s at when it comes to the funny. When you think of the new age TV family, you can’t help but mention the show Modern Family, and for good reasons. If your father was anything like Phil, or even Jay, you know exactly what the kids on the show go through.

Tonight, Luke and Manny have their very first school dance, and Jay and Phil take the boys on a run to the mall and that ends up being very stressful. Also, Mitch and Cam learn that Lily is biting other kids on the playground and that doesn’t sit well between the two.

See a new episode of Modern Family tonight on ABC at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Modern Family @ Clicker.

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