TV News – 12/8/10

I hope everyone is enjoying their weeks so far. What did all of you thing about Glee last night? I loved it except for all the Finn/Rachel drama! That’s enough rambling let’s look at the news.

Adrienne Barbeau (Maude) will be guest starring on CSI: NY in February. Barbeau will play “a clinic manager who plays an important part of an investigation to track down a man played by Ne-Yo” I think this will be an interesting role, and Barbeau’s appearance has the cast excited so that’s always a good thing. What are your thoughts? Source

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The CW is going to try to develop a pilot that is similar to Glee in it’s musical nature. The series is tentatively named, The Prickly Spheres, and will be produced by Jeff Kwatinetz. Kwatinetz has managed Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and Ice Cube, so he does have the music background. This show will focus on a young classical music genius who turns down a scholarship at Julliard and joins an alternative-rock band instead. *sigh* I want to be positive… wait no, I don’t! This is a horrible idea, and I am not biting. Glee is as popular as it is because it’s original and you love the cast, I don’t believe that another musical show will do as well. I guess time will tell. Source

Syfy has picked up 11 episodes of a new pilot about a group of ordinary people who have brain abnormalities that cause them to be special in super ways. Production on the series will being in early 2011 and the series is set to debut in the summer or 2011. I’m actually excited for this new series because Syfy has done such an amazing job lately with their new series (ie. Warehouse 13). What do you think ready for Heroes, Syfy style? Source

That’s all for now. Enjoy your night and don’t forget to tune into an all new Criminal Minds!

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One Response to TV News – 12/8/10

  1. Michelle says:

    i am depressed over glee…the christmas episode was anything but gleeful…Finn and Rachel broke my heart…I can’t believe the writers did this. The viewing audience is outraged and disappointed. Hope they get the show back on track with them united, it is the only way. Tis the season to be depressed…