TV News – 12/10/10

TGIF! Here I am today with a few little pieces of news for you. I can’t believe how quickly this week went by, but also how quickly December is flying by. Only two weeks until Christmas Eve! 🙂

Some great news for fans of A.J. Cook (Criminal Minds), she’s coming back to TV. It may only be a guest starring role on Law & Order : SVU, but it’s a start! Cook will be playing, “OB/GYN Debbie Shields, the lesbian lover of the daughter of Jeremy Iron’s (who also guest stars this episode) character, Cap Jackson, a sex therapist who works at a rehab center. Her character will be the victim of a brutal attack.” Sounds like a great treat for fans of A.J. Cook, but let’s be honest we’d be happier if she was still on Criminal MInds! All that bitterness aside, we’re happy if she’s simply making it back to our television.Source

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Michael Gross (Family Ties) is going to guest star on Brothers & Sisters as character that is interested in Saul (Ron Rifkin). Gross will come to the restaurant and try to come between Saul and his boyfriend (Richard Chamberlain). While he’s only slated to be in one episode, who knows what the future will hold. Thoughts? Source

The Closer will end it’s run after it’s seventh season. The decision was made mostly by the show’s Emmy winning star, Kyra Sedgwick. She released this statement, “I cannot fathom how difficult it will be to say goodbye to the incredible family we’ve created on The Closer. I will always be grateful to James Duff (creator) for his love and friendship, as well as for creating such a rich and complex character who I have loved living with year after year… I want to thank TNT and Warner Brothers Television, as well as the incredible fans of The Closer, for all of their unwavering support over the last seven years.” That’s not a great explanation as to why it’s ending, but perhaps the star wants to go out on a high note with the series currently pulling in an average of 8 million viewers. The final season will kick off in late 2011. How do you feel about this news? Source

Ausiello, is reporting that Freddie Smith, will be joining the cast of 90210 in February. He’s going to play a role that will stir up some love on the CW drama, however it’s slightly spoilerish so if you’re interested in all the details head over here, if not just wait and find out in February.

That’s all for now. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and don’t forget to take some time to get caught up on all your favorites!

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