TV News – 12/13/10

Happy Monday! 🙂 I can’t believe that it’s only 11 days until Christmas Eve, I have so much left to do. You’re going to notice that we’re popping in and out of the site in the next few weeks, but don’t feel ignored, we love you guys, but our family lives are going to be a little hectic with the holidays. We’ll be checking in and dropping special news bits, but just not as frequently. Hang in there we’ll be back full strength in the New Year and as usual bring you great news, reviews and interviews! Speaking of news, I’ve got a few tidbits of information for you so let’s get started.

I’m excited to report that Quinton Aaron, the star of the fabulous movie The Blind Side, has been cast in a guest-starring role on One Tree Hill. He’ll be playing, “Tommy, a student in Nathan’s (James Lafferty) business class who is singled out by Professor Kellerman (Peter Reiget) for being an athlete”. Tommy will connect with Nathan, but at the moment he’s only listed for one episode (during February sweeps), but who nows if he’ll appear more after that. I loved Aaron in The Blind Side, he was fabulous so anything that I get to see more of him in I’m game, are you? Source

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One of my favorite shows of the season, has just announced some great casting news. Hawaii Five-0 has cast Dane Cook to play Danny’s (Scott Caan) brother in February. Cook is a super amusing comedian (My Best Friend’s Girl), and I think there is enough of a resemblance to make this casting realistic. I’m a big fan of Cook’s and of course of the show, so this is a win-win casting. What are your thoughts? Source

FOX’s fall “comedy”, Running Wilde, just can’t catch a break. The network has pulled the new episodes that were supposed to be airing over the next few Sundays, and put repeats of their animated series in it’s place. It’s another nail in the coffin for this show that never found it’s footing, but not a surprising one. While I adore Keri Russell, I thought this comedy was boring, terribly written and not at all worth the screen time. No word yet on when the rest of the new episodes will finally see the light of day (my guess is never), but the executives promise the fans (all 3 of you) that they will air sometime in the New Year. My advice don’t hold your breath. 😉 Source

Last night we saw the first all girl team win The Amazing Race, I really like the doctors team of Nat and Kat, and was happy with the results. What we also learnt last night was that season 18, which will premiere on Sunday, February 20th, will be titled, The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. It will be an All-stars theme with fan favorites that didn’t win. My personal favorite team of the cowboys Jet and Cord McCoy will be back! Here are a few other teams that were shown in the preview clip, but no official list has been released. (I’ve included my thoughts on a few… couldn’t help myself) 😀

From season 17: Brooke & Claire – Are you kidding me? I just got rid of those annoying women. Who knows maybe they won’t be… fingers crossed. ; Jonathan Schwartz & Connor Diemand-Yauman ( the singers) ; Mallory & her dad Gary Ervin ; Kevin Wu & his dad Michael.
From Season 16: Louie Stravato & Michael Naylor (Police Detectives)- I liked this team for the most part so I’m okay with them returning.
Season 15: Matt Tomlijenovich & his dad Gary; Justin Kanew & Zev Glassenberg- Hope they learnt their lesson and won’t lose their passports this time. ; Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle; Big Easy and Flight time (Harlem Globetrotters)- I loved them.
Season 14: Mike White & his dad Mel; Cara Rosenthal & Jaime Edmondson; Luke Adams & his mom Margie (Adam was the first deaf contestant ever).
Season 13: Andrew Lappitt & Dan Honig- Don’t even remember them off hand.
Season 12: Goths Kynt & Vixsin.

There you have it, I’ll post the final list as soon as I know. Let me know who you’re looking forward to returning the most.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back later this week with more news. Have a great week!

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