If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/16/10

Not a ton of new TV tonight, but there are a few things that are definitely worth watching!

First up are two new episodes of Burn Notice on USA. The show has been fantastic this season, and these two eps will most certainly live up to that standard. On the first episode, at 9/8c, Brennan, a cold and calculating enemy, reappears in Michael’s life and attempts to blackmail him with valuable data into killing various government agents; Michael has no intention of murdering anyone, but Brennan makes things even harder.

Then on the second new episode, the season finale at 10/9c, Michael finds his world drastically upended when a deadly assault team threatens his life and the lives of all the people he loves and cares about, so in order to keep them at bay, he ponders all his options, including making the ultimate sacrifice. Don’t miss these great episodes! @Jeffrey_Donovan himself Tweeted that you don’t want to miss it! Learn where to find episodes online of Burn Notice @ Clicker.
The other thing worth watching is a new episode of The Big Bang Theory. The gang is always hysterical, especially when costumes are involved!

Tonight’s episode is titled “The Justice League Recombination.” Penny’s new boyfriend, Zack, wants to hang out with the guys, so the guys find a use for him when they enter a costume contest dressed as the Justice League.

Don’t miss it tonight on CBS at 8/7c! Learn where to find episodes online of The Big Bang Theory @ Clicker.

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