If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/19/10

Another very slow week because of the holidays, but a few important eps to talk about tonight.

Tonight features 2 new episodes of Leverage on TNT, including the season finale. Goran Visnjic (ER), playing baddie, Damien Moreau, and actress-model Elisabetta Canalis guest-star in both episodes.

The first episode, at 9/8c, is a big episode for Elliott, according to @BethJRiesgraf (Parker) on Twitter. The team infiltrates a Department of Defense research lab in order to stop Damien Moreau, the villain they have been working to catch all season, from murdering a brilliant engineer and auctioning her work off to international terrorists.

Then in the season finale at 10/9c, hoping to have an opportunity to bring down Moreau, the Leverage team isn’t far behind him when he travels to the country of San Lorenzo. Their plan hits a roadblock when they realize that Moreau is an advisor to San Lorenzo’s President. In order to take him down, the team must first take over the country.

Tonight is also the 2-hour season finale of Survivor on CBS, starting at 8/7c (probably late because of football, so adjust your DVRs accordingly!), followed by the 1-hour reunion show and announcement of the winner at 10/9c.

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