If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/2/11

Welcome back, TV! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so glad new episodes are back. I had an okay holiday season, but I am so happy we get new TV this week! Our guest poster this week is Jim Halterman, who posts, in addition to his own site, at a variety of other places. Megan and I have been on many conference calls with him, and I’m a big fan of his on Twitter, so welcome him to TV Is My Pacifier this week!

Jim’s Choice

I’m Jim Halterman (@jimhalterman) and I’m a freelance entertainment journalist writing for a number of outlets including FutonCritic, EDGE, AfterEllen, and my own website, JimHalterman.com. Like so many of us that love television, I was one of those kids who connected with the world I saw on TV as both a world I could escape to, but also one I always felt I could be a part of. I studied Telecommunications at Indiana University, and once I took the plunge and moved to Los Angeles, I first learned the business of television by working for a development exec at Sony Pictures Television. From that job, I landed my first writing job on the last year of the original Beverly Hills 90210, which was more than a little surreal and a fantastic experience. After that, I spent years working in development, so when a friend asked me to start writing my thoughts about TV for a small website (for no pay!), I jumped at the chance, and now, almost four years later, it’s my full-time job. I want to thank the TV Is My Pacifier team for asking me to contribute this week, as I share what I’ll be watching in the coming week.

Jump with us to read about my pick for tonight and to see what everyone else recommends!

While we’re at the tail-end of the holiday season programming with lots of reruns, I will probably check out an episode or two of HBO’s Big Love, which kicks off its fifth and final season on 1/16, so tonight has 3 episodes from the 4th season. I did watch the whole season, but love this show, so will refresh my memory. But there is something new tonight, and not new in a small way at all. The long-anticipated OWN network kicked off yesterday with an ambitious slate of programming that all have the Oprah touch (I think it was once called the Midas touch, but Oprah has proven herself worthy of the title).

Tonight marks the first episode of a series that looks like a terrific new show. Master Class is a profile show that looks at a proven success in a number of different fields and not only gets to know them better, but find out what inspired them and what life lessons they’ve learned in the past and continue to learn. Future episodes feature Simon Cowell, Condoleeza Rice, and Jay-Z, but tonight’s first episode brings Diane Sawyer, who I have personally always loved, because no matter what she’s doing – interviewing political leaders or doing a light food segment on Good Morning America – she informed, asks great questions and, above all else, she is REAL. The premiere episode of Master Class airs tonight at 10/9c on OWN. (If you don’t know where OWN is on your cable system, go to www.oprah.com/own to find out).

Jenny’s Choice

Guess what I spent all evening Saturday doing? Watching last season of my pick for tonight! haha Tonight is the season premiere of Worst Cooks in America, on the Food Network at 9/8c. I’m really excited, because this season, Ann Burrell is joined on the hosting/judging/coaching panel by Chef Robert Irvine, who is mostly noted for his show, Dinner: Impossible. He is very in-your-face, loud, and fun to watch on the other show, so I’m hoping he’ll be great on this show, too!

If you don’t know this show, here are the deets: Sixteen of the country’s most hopeless cooks attempt to transform from kitchen zeros into kitchen heroes as they compete in a grueling culinary boot camp. The “recruits” – nominated by family and friends for their abysmal cooking skills – are split into two teams chosen by the opposing chef. In each episode, the recruits put to use the techniques they learn from their chefs in two high-pressure tests: a Skill Drill and a Main Dish Challenge. The worst cook from each team is eliminated at the end of the episode based on performance and progress.

The season premieres on the Food Network tonight at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Worst Cooks in America @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice

Happy New Year! Is it wrong that I feel like a member of my family has returned from vacation when my television shows start coming back after hiatus? Hmm.. I’ll ponder that issue later. For now, let’s discuss what’s on tonight! The others have all picked wonderful shows, including Desperate Housewives, and I’m going to follow those up with choosing CSI:Miami. Okay, not always as popular as some other choices, but what can I say, I didn’t get enough cheese over the holidays. 😉

All joking aside, I admit to really enjoying this season of the show, especially since they have been focusing more on great story lines and less on trying to kill Delko (Adam Rodriguez). On tonight’s episode, a millionaire is murdered and the investigation leads to an elite dating service. Ryan goes undercover and poses as a rich businessman to expose the truth behind the questionable matchmaking enterprise. I’m excited about this episode because of the ‘Ryan’ of it all; it’s nice to see his character get some more episodes focused on him, and not just his gambling issues.

To see how Ryan and the team deal with this case, tune into CBS tonight at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of CSI: Miami @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

Happy New Year! The holidays have come and gone, and now we’re back on the bandwagon with all new episodes of our favorite shows! This season of Desperate Housewives has been nothing but scorching, and it only continues to come to a boil with fresh storylines that are nothing but en fuego!

Tonight, we find Susan fighting for her life, after she’s been trampled by a horde of rioters. Paul Young’s fate is revealed, while Keith is surprised when Orson shows up to Bree’s house unannounced. Meanwhile, Gaby is struggling with trying to rid all traces of Grace from her life completely.

Watch it all unfold tonight on ABC at 9/8c on ABC! Learn where to find episodes online of Desperate Housewives @ Clicker.

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