If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/3/11

It’s Monday and a lot of our shows are returning this week, including the return of Pretty Little Liars. I hope we all had great holidays, but can agree that it’s great that everything is returning to normal in our television universe. 🙂 Let’s take a look at what we all think you should be watching tonight.

Megan’s Choice

My boyfriend returns tonight, but don’t worry, my husband already knows and is okay with it. 😉 Of course, I’m talking about Alex O’Loughlin and the return of Hawaii Five-0 tonight on CBS. I am excited about the recent recognition that the show has gotten with the Golden Globe nomination for Scott Caan as best supporting actor in a series.

On tonight’s episode, McGarrett’s sister is kidnapped and the investigation uncovers new clues about his mother’s murder, which includes possible ties to the Japanese mafia. To see how the Five-0 team saves the day, tune into CBS tonight at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Hawaii Five-0 @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what everyone else recommends.

Jim’s Choice

There are only a handful of shows that I actually missed during the last few weeks of holiday reruns, and Castle is at the top of the list. Tonight’s all-new episode is more fun than usual, with the awesome Laura Prepon guesting as the actress who is going to play the big screen version of Nikki Heat – the character in the crime novels that Castle (Nathan Fillion) bases on Beckett (Stana Katic). Of course, fans of the show know that Castle is never better than when it’s showing the subtle jealousies and undercurrent of attraction between Castle and Beckett, so get ready for a fun episode. I usually tire of the will they/won’t they back and forth some series, but I haven’t tired of this one, probably due to the fantastic chemistry and acting chops of Fillion and Katic.

Don’t miss tonight’s new episode on ABC at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Castle @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

“A” has returned and he/she is up to their old tricks again! If you’ve gotten hooked on this drama like I have, you’ve been waiting with baited breath and much anticipation to see what will happen next in this saga about four teens in Rosewood, PA.

When last we left off, Hanna had just been hit by a car and all four of the girls world had been turned upside down. The stakes are now raised as “A” is no longer interested in the cat and mouse game they had been playing. Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily are forced to turn to one another as their sole means of support. While Hanna recovers in the hospital armed with plenty of Intel on who “A” is, the other girls are left to backtrack in order to figure out how they even got to this point and who could know everything about them and want to use it against them. Each PLL (Pretty Little Liar) will also have to deal with a secret about themselves that is either found out, confessed, or confronted, and the reality that their is no escape from the truth.

If you’re a fan of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, check out Jim’s interview with Exec Producers I. Marlene King and Oliver Goldstick at JimHalterman.com.

Don’t miss the return tonight on ABC Family, when it starts early at 7:58/6:58c! Learn where to find episodes online of Pretty Little Liars @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice

Don’t hate me because I’m addicted to this series… From the moment ABC first aired The Bachelor and then its sister show, The Bachelorette, I’ve been a fan. It’s terrible, I know; I just can’t help it! So that makes me happy that I can say the show returns tonight with its season premiere, and it should be a good one! Here’s the story for those of you that don’t know…

Three years ago, Brad Womack was the bachelor, and by the end, he was left with Jenni and DeAnna. I was rooting for him to choose DeAnna, and all through the final rose ep, I was sure that’s who it would be. When he turned down Jenni, I cheered. Then… it was DeAnna’s turn. Brad professes all sorts of things that seem like he’s going to choose her. He says does she remember saying that marriage was a one time and one time only thing for her, and she says yes. He says he feels the same, and he just let Jenni go. DeAnna at that point looked relieved and happy and excited, etc. Then Brad starts looking very nervous, pulling at his collar, and finally says to give him a moment. He walks off to take a breather. When he comes back, he tells her he’d love to tell her that he loves her, but he can’t. The worst part was, he had flown out DeAnna’s father for the occasion, and then BAM! Drops this decision, instead. It was…a train wreck, honestly. On a good note, Jenni is now married and DeAnna is engaged, so it’s all good.

On tonight’s season premiere, Brad returns to the mansion, where he must first face the women he scorned three years ago; the first bachelorette offers retribution for women everywhere, and the rest of the women are cautious about giving him a second chance at finding love. Don’t miss the 2-hour season premiere tonight on ABC at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Bachelor @ Clicker.

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