TV News – 1/17/11

Happy Monday! What a busy weekend it was including the Golden Globes last night. There were a lot of great wins last night, but my favorite was Chris Colfer, winning for best supporting actor in a comedy. His acceptance speech was adorable, and I’m so happy for him. Now let’s take a look at some news.

After Glee’s big win for best series, television Musical or Comedy, Ryan Murphy, leaked a bit of news concerning guest stars. It seems that the beautiful and talented Anne Hathaway, will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of the show. No word yet on what role she’s going to be playing, but she has said she’d love to play Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) lesbian aunt. Honestly, I could care less who she plays because she’s fabulous. Yes, I know it’s more stunt casting but Gwyneth Paltrow’s guest stint was great, and I think this one will be as well. What are your thoughts? Source

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Liam McIntyre (The Pacific), has been cast to be the title role in Spartacus. Originally, Adam Whitfield was Spartacus, but he had to step down from the show to receive treatment for cancer. No one could replace Whitfield, but McIntyre is nice and I think he’ll do a great job.Source

Speaking of the Golden Globes, there has been a lot of mixed feelings concerning Ricky Gervais hosting last night. Some people believe he went too far, and insulted the stars too much. I will say that those people are wrong. Gervais was hilarious. If you are going to do stupid crap (yes I’m talking about you Charlie Sheen), or be in a movie that was frankly ridiculous (*cough*The Tourist*cough*) 😉 , then you should expect to be burned. The pokes at Scientology, Mel Gibson and anyone else who he offended were perfectly delivered, relevant and made the general population laugh. There were a lot of stars that seemed to be slightly annoyed with him, and I say to them, “We love you, but Get over it.” I’m sure they can soothe their egos by rubbing themselves with their millions of dollars. 😉 I’m just saying. To see what the Hollywood Foreign Press thought of Gervais and what Gervais himself thinks about all this crazy feedback, head over to Entertainment Weekly. Entertainment Weekly

That’s all for tonight but check back tomorrow for some all new interviews with the creator of the new USA show, Fairly Legal. Sweet dreams my lovelies!

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