TV News – 1/19/11

It’s hard to believe how quickly this week is flying by, and my DVR is begging me to stop watching so much television. πŸ™‚ It’s overworked and I have a few shows left to record and watch this week…. just a few. πŸ˜‰ On top of the crazy TV week, there are a few interesting news stories today so let’s take a look.

Do you remember the show The Secret World of Alex Mack on Nickelodeon from the 1990s? Am I showing my age? I loved that show, and the girl who played the title character, Larisa Oleynik, is going to be coming to one of my new favorite shows, Hawaii Five-0. Oleynik, who is all grown up now, will be playing a CIA analyst, who comes to Hawaii to help track down Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos). Oleynik’s character, Jessica Kaye, is also searching for Wo Fat because she believes he’s responsible for the death of her fiance. I love this show, and I really do enjoy Oleynik, especially when she was in 10 Things I Hate About You, so this casting news is a win-win for me. Expect to see her first appear in February. Source

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Big news yesterday was that the daytime king, Regis Philbin is retiring. Philbin has been doing this show for 28 years, and says that “There is a time that everything must come to an end…”. The show will go on with Kelly Ripa, and they’ll find a co-host to join her. I don’t know who it should be… Jerry O’Connell has always been fun, but I guess time will tell. Who do you think would make a good co-host? Source

Law & Order: Los Angeles will be taking a bit longer to return than expected, in order to give the show more time to deal with the changes. For now Parenthood, will remain on Tuesdays and the date for the return of LOLA is yet to be decided. The show has a lot of cast changes to juggle now that Skeet Ulrich is leaving. It’s said that Alfred Molina will replace Skeet, even though he’s currently the district attorney. The show will reveal that his character was originally a police officer and after dealing with all the aggravation of being a prosecutor he wants to return to the police force. Terrence Howard, will step us as the main district attorney. What are your thoughts? Should they even bring LOLA back? Sound off below. Source

That’s all for now folks, hope you have a great day, and enjoy all the awesome new TV that there is tonight.

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