If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/25/11

It’s a VERY slow night for new TV tonight because of the annual State of the Union address by the President of the United States. What we have is yours, though, so here are our recommendations! (By the way, was I not RIGHT about last night’s Castle?! I loved watching it a 2nd time just as much as I did the 1st!)

Jenny’s Choice

My choice tonight is kind of odd. I really only 3 shows on tonight, and Megan is doing the only scripted one of mine. The other two are on Food Network, and while I love watching them (Cupcake Wars & Chopped), my recommendation tonight is a show I’m so far behind on, it’s not even funny. But I love the show, and love the cast, and think if you haven’t been watching, you should be. Southland is a fantastic drama with really great storylines, a really great cast, and fantastic characters. That’s why it’s my choice for tonight.

On tonight’s episode of Southland, John offers some veteran advice to Ben when they have to notify someone of a loved one’s passing; Nate offers to let Sammy stay at his place while Sammy struggles with his marriage; Lydia and Josie are forced to deal with an unusual suspect.

Don’t miss tonight’s new episode on TNT at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Southland @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what everyone else recommends.

Megan’s Choice

One Tree Hill has been full of ups and downs this season. Brooke and Julian are planning a wedding. Nathan and Hailey are dealing with the new paths their lives are taking, and overall, there have been some great musical guests. I had the opportunity recently to interview Hilarie Burton, who used to play Peyton about her new show White Collar, and I couldn’t help but be nostalgic about the good ol’ days on One Tree Hill.

On tonight’s episode, Brooke’s bachelorette party makes for a wild night, but she and her pals struggle to recall the details of it the next day. Dave Navarro will be guest starring as himself.

Tune into The CW network at 9/8c and see what’s happening in One Tree Hill.

Mark’s Choice

Hello TV Fiends! It’s Tuesday, and the much talked about State of the Union address is the talk of the town, with a lot of repeats surrounding the big event. While I would love to tell you to tune into the President’s address to the nation tonight (because it’s good to be in the know), I have to stick with my TV guns and suggest you tune into The Game on BET after the SOTU address.

The Game, which was originally on The CW, has found a nice home on BET, and the show is going strong since it’s January 11th premiere. One of the few live action comedies that I watch, the show takes a look at the lives of three women and the players of the San Diego Sabers, a fictional NFL team. Derwin and Melanie Davis are the top couple on the show, and the only ones married at the moment. Jason and Kelly Pitts recently went through an ugly divorce and make it their duties to constantly throw jabs at each other’s image and finances. Tash Mack represents her son Malik Wright by managing his career, but both of them have serious issues when it comes to their tempers.

Tonight’s episode continues to follow Malik’s current downfall into destruction and how it affects those around him. The show masterfully executes the dramedy model, knowing when to make us laugh and when to make our mouths drop in shock; usually in the same scene.

Give The Game a shot if you haven’t, but AFTER you watch the SOTU. I promise you will thank me for it later.

Lisa’s Choice

Hellcats has made the move! Now airing on Tuesday nights, this high flying show sets its sights on a whole new day of the week. With the exit of Life Unexpected, Hellcats is prime to take over such a sweet spot.

Tonight, Marti endures a very tense ride to sectionals with the Hellcats after her confession that she hooked up with Dan (Matt Barr). Alice’s father (guest star Mario Van Peebles) shows up and surprises her in order to watch her perform, which leads Alice to confide in Lewis that the she hasn’t told her father that the two have broken or that she’s no longer a flier. Not one to disappoint her father, Alice blackmails Savannah into giving up her spot as a flier by threatening to tell the squad that Savannah helped get Memphis Christian a free ride to sectionals.

An all new episode airs tonight on the CW at 9/8.

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