If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/11/10

It’s Friday, which means the end of another week. Not nearly as busy a night, though there are still enough on to have a good selection to choose from! So let’s get to it and see what everyone thinks you should be watching!

Jenny’s Choice

One of the most under-appreciated new shows this Fall has been The Defenders on CBS. It’s got a great premise, a great cast, and pulls off the stories perfectly. I absolutely love it, and look forward to each week it’s on.

On tonight’s episode, Nick and Pete decide to take on the case of a young man that was pulled over carrying thirty bricks of cocaine that could put him behind bars for life, unless they can prove that their client was conned by a girl he met on spring break. Dan Aykroyd guest stars on tonight’s episode.

Don’t miss this great show tonight on CBS at 8/7c!

Jump with us to see what everyone else recommends tonight.

Lisa’s Choice

Friday nights are a devil of a good time when you tune in to Supernatural! Double teaming on the hotness that is the Winchester brothers is Jared Padalecki (who plays Sam) and Jensen Ackles (who plays Dean). These two smoking hotties have pretty much seen it all, including heaven and hell, and are dealing with the aftermath and chaos that are the result of the apocalypse they faced at the end of season five. Can this brotherly duo keep the fires of hell and the creatures that belong below at bay in order to keep humanity balanced?

Tonight, Sam has flashbacks of a case he previously worked on with Samuel. Plus, Sam and Dean follow coordinates received in a text message, which lead them to a small town where Sam used to live, and the comments from the townspeople are shocking to Dean.

Watch an all new episode tonight on the CW at 9/8c.

Megan’s Choice

How have you been enjoying the new season of Kitchen Nightmares? I’ve been loving it, because not only is Gordon Ramsay on top of his game, but the restaurants are really nice to watch turn around.

On tonight’s episode, Chef Ramsay revisits restaurants he’s helped in the past to see if the owners kept following his advice.

Tune in to FOX at 8/7c to see if any of the owners went back to their old habits.

Matt’s Choice

Fringe heads to the alternate universe this week and reveals something major about Fauxlivia. Hint: it involves Peter and a baby.

Visit TV Fanatic the moment this episode concludes for a long, detailed review!

The new episode airs tonight on FOX at 9/8c

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