American Idol Season 10 Top 12 Boys 3/1/11

It’s that time of year again when American Idol gets into the performances. Tonight it’s the Top 12 boys, and it was a mixed night. Some were really bad, some were mediocre, and others were fabulous but threw me off with certain performance quirks. The other issue tonight was song choice. Almost all of them seemed to have issues choosing songs that suited their personal singing styles. Not to mention I think my pregnancy hormones are making me bitchier than usual, because I had a problem watching a lot of the contestants perform. If I closed my eyes they were much better than if I was watching them live.

Okay enough rambling, let’s take a look at my run down on the performances.

Clint Jun Gamboa
Judges: They all seemed to love him.
My Thoughts: I don’t like him at all and find him annoying. I’m not sure exactly what it is about him but I can’t get past it. Perhaps it was his lack of character in the group round.

Jovany Barreto
I’ll Be
Judges: Is it just me or is Jennifer annoying? We should just start calling her Paula the remake. πŸ˜‰ They are all being too nice, except Randy. Thank you Randy for being honest, it was “karaoke”.
My thoughts: Are you kidding me? What a cliche of a song. I don’t like his personality, and I hated his performance. This song is way over done, and he butchered it.

Jordan Dorsey
Judges: Steven didn’t like it, Jennifer didn’t think it was who he was as and artist and Randy said it wasn’t good.
My Thoughts: What the hell is going on? I already didn’t like Jordan because of his pompous attitude, but I hate him now because he just murdered an Usher song. If he’s admitting it wasn’t his style as an artist why did he choose it? I was embarrassed watching him, my sister compared it to a karaoke night at a drag bar.

Tim Halperin
Streetcar Symphony
Judges: They all think that the song choice was bad.
My Thoughts: While I liked his voice, I’m confused by his song choice. It’s like they are all picking songs that aren’t even near their true musical style.

Brett Loewenstern
Light My Fire
Judges: The judges seemed to feel like he was true to himself, and congratulated him on his head shakes.
My thoughts: He has the strange personality of a rock star down pat, and I have to say while I didn’t love the performance it was the best of the night so far. I think of David Bowie when I look at him.

James Durbin
You Got Another Thing Coming
Judges:Steven thought he was fantastic, Jennifer loved it and Randy thinks “that’s how you do it”.
My Thoughts: It’s was a good performance, and I think it was the first time someone picked a song that I actually pictured them singing. He looked like a rock star and the one part towards the end was really good. The high notes were well done.

Robbie Rosen
Judges: Steven thought it was beautiful, and Jennifer thinks he’s a special singer. Randy didn’t think it was a great performance and that it was pitchy.
My Thoughts: While I didn’t love the arrangement, I do admit that he has a pretty fabulous voice. I didn’t enjoy the high parts and think he over did the runs a bit. On another note, he needs hair help. Is it a mullet or a did he model it after a ken doll? I’m not quite sure.

Scotty McCreery
Letters from Home
Judges:Jennifer thinks he was born to sing country songs.
My Thoughts: It never ceases to amaze me the voice that comes out of this boy. I love his country voice and honestly he’s adorable. He needs a cowboy hat to help balance out his Curious George looks.

Stefano Langone
Just the Way You Are
Judges: Steven loved it, Jennifer thinks he’s consistent but Randy admitted that he had some pitchy parts but he loved it.
My Thoughts: I hate that he picked such a popular song, and while it wasn’t the worst of the night, I didn’t really love it. What was with those high notes? *sigh* This season is not shaping up too good yet.

Paul McDonald
Maggie May
Judges:They all loved him, and rightfully so.
My Thoughts: I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy hormones but I’m finding a lot wrong with the performers tonight. His voice was fabulous but his teeth kept distracting me. They were abnormally white. πŸ˜‰ On the singing front it was one of the best of the night.

Jacob Lusk
A House is not a Home
JudgesSteven is honored to be in his presence, Jennifer is all emotional and still reminds me of Paula. Randy thinks he’s great.
My Thoughts: If I close my eyes I love him. It’s something about what he’s doing with his eyes, I don’t know exactly what it is but it’s kind of creepy. The voice is unmatched, he was fantastical.

Casey Abrams
I Put a Spell on You
Judges:Steven thinks he’s unreal, Jennifer said he’s sexy and Randy loves him, and wants more.
My Thoughts: He has an amazing voice and he really did a great job with the song. It must be my hormones but I’m feeling catty tonight. Casey has a beautiful voice but I felt like I was watching the love child of Seth Rogen and Shrek sing.

γ€€That’s all for tonight, let’s see what the girls bring to the table tomorrow.

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5 Responses to American Idol Season 10 Top 12 Boys 3/1/11

  1. Eva says:

    πŸ˜€ Love your bitchy side Megan, I agree with everything you said here. Hope tonight girls will be better!

  2. Izzy says:

    Much higher hopes for the girls tonight – I was really disappointed with the boys yesterday . . . Favorites were James and Scotty πŸ™‚ and though I liked Robbie before – I hated what he did to “Angel” so he loses a whole bunch of points in my book.

    Jacob did well – but I much preferred Tamyra’s performance of this way back in season 1.

    Highlights from your review: Scotty’s “curious George” looks and Casey being “the love child of Seth Rogan and Shrek” ! lol brilliant !! :p

  3. Amiy says:

    Your review is fantastic and i agreed with most of your thoughts except the one for James Durbin. He has the rocker look (like that), but he screams too much.

    I guess the next American Idol will be a women. They have more potential than the boys.

  4. Megan says:

    Thank you all. I hope tonight is better, because so far I’m not feeling confident on the fact that I’ll like this season, at all.

  5. Amiy says:

    I hope that so.