American Idol Top 12 Girls – 3/2/11

Tonight is the Top 12 Girls on American Idol and while last night brought us a mix of strange performances with a sprinkling of talent, tonight brought us talent with a sprinkling of strange. If I had to guess today I would say it’s a girl’s year to lose.

The only thing I have noticed is that there are a lot of performers on this season, that are a little creepy when performing. I might be a slight be critical these days but really, some of these singers act down right odd when singing. What did you think?

Ta-Tynisa Wilson
Only Girl
Judges: Steven enjoyed it, Jennifer thought it started shaky, but that she redeemed herself. Randy thought it was “just okay”. I’m loving that Randy is having to wear the pants at the table this season.
My Thoughts: Why are the contestants picking songs that are at the top of the radio charts right at the moment? I didn’t enjoy this, it almost sounded like she was running out of steam. I didn’t think it was a great performance.

Naima Adedapo
Judges:Jennifer enjoyed it, but Randy didn’t enjoy it. Steven thought it was “beautiful”.
My Thoughts:I depise the outfit that she’s wearing, I feel bad because she designed it herself, but wow it’s not that great. Her voice is really rich, but I have problems watching her sing. All that aside it was a decent performance.

Kendra Chantelle Campbelle
Judges: Randy loved it. Steven thinks she’s hot. Jennifer loves her heart, and I find Jennifer super emotional.
My Thoughts:What is with Steven checking out the girls like they’re a meal to eat? On the other note, she sang really well. I was really impressed and it made up for the first two. Nicely done.

Rachel Zevita
Judges: Steven thought it was a little “too Broadway” for him. Jennifer wished she would have seen more of her. Randy didn’t think it was good.
My Thoughts: She was decent but it seemed a little over theatrical. It was just a strange performance.

Karen Rodriguez
Judges: Jennifer got goosebumps, and Randy loved how she made it her own. Steven loved it.
My Thoughts: She looks amazing tonight. I enjoyed the balance of the English and Spanish, and I really loved her performance of it. So far she was my favorite of the night and in fact of both nights.

Lauren Turner
Seven Day Fool
Judges: Randy loved it, and Steven thought it was a “complete sentence”. Jennifer wants more.
My Thoughts:The voice was really good, and she was working it. She does have a fabulous voice. I have an issue with her appearance and behaviour though lol. The eyebrows were penciled in too dark and looked like they were crawling off their face.

Ashton Jones
Love Over Me
Judges: Steven thinks she has the confidence of a queen, and Jennifer thinks she has the making of a diva. Randy liked her, but didn’t love the song.
My Thoughts: Her voice was okay, I wasn’t blown away. I also find it a little off putting that she’s already acting like a diva on stage, as if she’s already a star. In my opinion, she’s not all that.

Julie Zorilla
Judges: Jennifer doesn’t feel like her heart is fully in it, and Randy didn’t think she brought it. Steven thought it was the wrong song for her.
My Thoughts: I don’t know why you’d pick a song by the first ever American Idol, while on American Idol. She’s adorable, but the song swallowed her up.

Haley Reinhart
Judges: Randy didn’t think it did anything for her. Steven loved it. Jennifer thought it was amazing.
My Thoughts: I loved it and I disagreed with Randy’s opinion fully. She looked beautiful, and her voice was mesmerizing. Well done.

Thia Megia
Out Here on My Own
Judges: Steven thinks it’s pitch perfect, and Jennifer thought it was captivating. Randy thinks her tone is hot.
My Thoughts: That was astounding. Her voice is tremendous, and when she started a cappella it was perfect. I think she’s going to be in the top this season. Such a mesmerizing moment.

Lauren Alania
Turn on the Radio
Judges: Jennifer thought she was beautiful and effortless. Randy thinks she’s fabulous and Steven loves her.
My Thoughts: I was really impressed with her voice and her performance. She has such a fantastic voice, and such a cute personality. For a sixteen year old she had great composure on stage and I think she’s going to go far in the competition. I will admit that it concerns me how sexy she is at 16, it’s crazy.

Pia Toscano
I’ll Stand by You
Judges: She got a standing ovation from all three.
My Thoughts: That was fierce, and she was beautiful. I am so happy that she didn’t butcher that song, and I enjoyed it.

Overall, I was impressed by the talent level of the girls and think that they out shined the boys this week. How did you vote America? I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss the results.

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3 Responses to American Idol Top 12 Girls – 3/2/11

  1. Izzy says:

    Tatynisa – Weak.
    Naima – A few bum notes but generally good. Good ending too. I knew Randy was going to bring up Fantasia though – I was just waiting for it !
    Kendra – if a contestent doesn’t think she can kill a song or at least be up to par with the original singer I think they should just steer clear of them – and Christina’s voice is so strong and distinctive that it’s hard not to draw comparisons with this performance. If I’d never heard the original – I whould have though she did ok – not fantastic though – I wasn’t blown away – her voice sounded a little thin.
    Rachel – never heard this song before but . . .i think that worked in her favour. She came out, she attacked it…but then it kind of fell apart a little in the middle when she went behind the judges but then it was back to being good after that again. Stellar ending. Fave of the night so far.
    Karen – I was thinking – yay I like karen – then she started singing and I was like . . . oh no. why ? Still she killed some of those notes near the end so I can’t complain too much.
    Lauren Turner – I don’t remember ever hearing her sing in previous round – I remember seeing her but not hearing her. Thank being said – I enjoyed the performance.
    Ashton – she has a great clarity to her voice. Can’t fault the singing but I was bored with the song.
    Julie – umm Interesting song choice. The arrangement seemed to lack . . . phrasing – it kind of all jumbled together for me. I was expecting much better from her to be honest. Once she got near the end though it did pick up a little bit but she’s certainly no Kelly Clarkson.
    Haley – to me she seemed a little drunk to be honest but I actually really liked the performance. She picked a good song for herself. She shoots to the top of the class right now for me which is so unexpected !
    Thia – beautiful. Fantastic. Top of the class – easily ! She blew all those others right out of the water.
    Lauren A – big contrast from the last song. lol and why is lauren “little lauren” isn’t she older than Thia ? Still it was catchy – I liked it . . .
    Pia – it’s always nice to hear a familiar song done well – and she did awesomely on that ending !!

    My picks for top 5 = Thia, Lauren A., Pia . . . .maybe Karen and Ashton

  2. Amiy says:

    The girls did a better job than the boys. For me the finale

    My top 5 is: Lauren A. , Thia, Pia, Karen and maybe Kendra or Ashton. Although I think that the diva attitude of Ashton may be a minus point for her.

  3. Amiy says:

    * For me the finale show will be a battle between the girls.