American Idol Top 13 – 3/9/11

The Top 13 are taking the stage tonight, with songs from artists that were great influences to them. There were a lot of cheesy choices, buf it was a good night overall.

Lauren Alaina
Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain
My Thoughts: It’s a really fun song, and she definitely has the personality to pull it off. Her voice is adorable, and I just don’t think it was a great a song choice for her. There are so many other artists or songs by Shania Twain she could have chosen. I didn’t hate it at all, I just thought she should have brought something bigger to the table.
Judges: Steven wanted more, and Jennifer thinks she could have chosen a bigger song. Randy thinks she needs to realize how big her voice really is.

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Casey Abrams
With a Little Help of My Friends by Joe Cochran
My Thoughts: There is no doubt the kid can sing, and I was impressed. I love this song, and he didn’t disappoint. The problem is I still can’t look at him when he sings, which won’t be a problem on the radio, just in person.
Judges:Jennifer was wowed, Randy thought it was exciting and unbelievable. Steven thinks he’s a “rainbow of talent”.

Ashthon Jones
When You Tell Me That You Love Me by Diana Ross
My Thoughts: A little predictable that she chose a Ross song. Too bad she’s not Diana Ross. It wasn’t very good at all and I honestly expected more, considering she seems to be trying to look like Ross. I don’t like her at all and I think she was a waste of a wild card spot.
Judges: Randy liked it. Steven thinks there’s more inside her to show, and Jennifer thinks she looks like a professional.

Paul McDonald
Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams
My Thoughts: He can sing, but he’s so odd that I find it difficult to focus. Every time I look at him I’m reminded of the mouth from the Dairy Queen commercial. Different is good, but I’m just not sold.
Judges: Steven loves him but thinks he needs to watch his key. Jennifer hopes that America gets it, and Randy loves his character.

Pia Toscano
All by Myself by Celine Dion
My Thoughts: I am not a huge fan of Celine Dion, but this is one of those songs that moves you every time. She has such a sweet tone to her voice, and such a power that makes it great to listen to. I wasn’t blown away because I expected her to be great, but I think she deserves to be here.
Judges: Jennifer was speechless. Randy thinks she’s worthy of this song. Steven thought she was fabulous.

James Durbin
Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney
My Thoughts: When he sings without the rocker screaming I really enjoy him. That being said, I was impressed at how well he married the singing with the rock star scream for this song. He’s really sweet and I applaud him for taking the chance to show his vulnerable side.
Judges: Randy thinks he did amazing and slayed it. Steven thinks he did a great job, and Jennifer thinks he has a great quality to his voice.

Haley Reinhart
Blue by LeAnn Rimes
My Thoughts: She looked adorable and very classic. I enjoyed how well she pulled this song off, but I wasn’t wowed. It’s possible that I’m just super picky this season but I expected more. I want more.
Judges: Steven thought is was amazing. Jennifer thinks she’s really special and diverse. Randy found it boring, and sleepy.

Jacob Lusk
I Believe I can Fly by R.Kelly
My Thoughts: I find it peculiar that he chose this song, and he is still doing creepy things with his eyes. Anyone else feel violated? He sounded off the whole song and I just want him gone already.
Judges: Steven thought it was pure passion. Jennifer really enjoyed it and Randy thinks he’s a star already.

Thia Megia
My Thoughts: She was cute, but I just found it really boring. I want my time back.
Judges: Randy thought the intro was golden. Steven wanted more, and Jennifer liked the performance.

Stefano Langone
Lately by Stevie Wonder
My Thoughts: I wasn’t overly fond of this arrangement of this classic. He can sing so I don’t see why he didn’t stay a bit closer to the original, it’s classic for a reason.
Judges: Steven thinks he pulled it off. Jennifer thought it was great, but Randy think he was soaring by the middle.

Karen Rodriguez
I Could Fall in Love by Selena
My Thoughts: She sounded really off key, and all over the place. What a ambitious song to sing in front of Jennifer Lopez especially. It was just messy.
Judges: Jennifer thought she looked uncomfortable. Randy thought she was fighting the song. Steven thinks she can sing so much better than that.

Scotty McCreery
The River by Garth Brooks
My Thoughts: No one can say that the boy isn’t smart. Sticking to his country roots will carry this boy straight up to the finals. It still amazes me when that voice comes out of that young boy. He’s so cute and humble about his love for country music. He still needs a hat to distract from the ears but he did the song justice none the less.
Judges: Randy thinks that he should stick to his country song because if it isn’t broken you shouldn’t fix it. Steven thinks he’s riding high, and Jennifer thinks he’s learnt how to let the audience feed into his performance.

Naima Adedapo
Umbrella by Rihanna
My Thoughts: What was that? Ick. I despised this performance and think that Reggae has it’s place but it’s not on this song. She shouldn’t be here, I find her appalling and lacking any talent.
Judges: Steven thought it was a little pitchy, and Jennifer loved what she did with the song. Randy fell off his rocker and loved the reggae part.

Overall, it was an impressive start to the season. There are a lot of talented people this season, especially with all the contestants working with a their own producer. I just hope that America starts weeding out the weaklings quickly. I guess we’ll find out on tomorrow night’s results show.

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