If We Controlled Your Remote… 3/17/11

Last night’s Criminal Minds was fantastic, and I’m beyond thrilled they didn’t actually kill off Emily Prentiss. I wish Paget Brewster luck on the comedy pilot for next season, but honestly, if it doesn’t work out, I hope she comes back to Criminal Minds next season, like producers have asked her to. Anyway, tonight should be a great night on TV, too, even though basketball is on! So let’s see what we recommend!

Jenny’s Choice

I don’t think I’ve made my feelings unclear about the first half of this season of Bones. I’ve been fairly vocal, both on here and on Twitter, about how much I didn’t like the whole Hannah storyline. I liked the character, loved the actress, but HATED her with Booth. It was so frustrating, because they spent all season last year working on bringing Booth & Bones closer. We actually saw PROGRESS in a relationship. And then BAM! Total 180-degree turn this season, when Booth shows up with a serious girlfriend and then PROPOSES! But tonight… We’ve heard the hype for months now about tonight’s episode. I have my fingers crossed so hard, they hurt, that tonight’s episode lives up to that hype.

On tonight’s episode, a severe blizzard causes a city-wide blackout, adding to the obstacles the team must overcome in order to solve a murder case that could be linked to a potential viral outbreak. But when Booth and Brennan find themselves trapped in an elevator during the power outage, Sweets is on hand for outside assistance, but does more than what’s asked of him when he initiates a touchy conversation about Booth and Brennan’s relationship. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins get worrisome news about the health of their unborn baby, and Hodgins and Wendell get creative in the lab and put their scientific skills to use to identify the victim and the rare disease.

Please don’t miss tonight’s episode (watch LIVE if you can!) on FOX at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Bones @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what Megan & Jamie recommend.

Jamie’s Choice

Your favorite students of Greendale Community College are back! It’s a brand new episode of Community tonight, and you’re in for a sweet and salty treat, as usual. Also, great news for fans, Community has just been picked up by NBC for next season!

Fans will remember that Shirley is pregnant with Senor Chang’s baby (demon seed?). To celebrate, Annie puts together a baby shower for the perky parent-to-be, but Shirley isn’t interested in including Senor Chang in the festivities and is working to keep him out of her life. Meanwhile, Britta’s social life is in swing. She has a new boyfriend, but does his poetry reveal a dark side to him?

Don’t miss tonight’s episode on NBC at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Community @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice:

I have loved Bones since the first season, and while this season made me a little cranky with the whole Hannah thing, it’s finally getting back on track. There is no hiding the fact that I’m hoping they can get Brennan and Booth together this season for real, but if nothing else I just want them to have the tension they had last season without an obstacle like Hannah in the way.

On tonight’s episode, a blackout during a blizzard hinders the investigation of a murder case that could have far-reaching consequences. Meanwhile, the power outage also traps Booth and Brennan in an elevator, with Sweets on the outside asking all the wrong questions.

Tune into FOX at 8/7c to see if anything happens between Booth and Brennan while they’re trapped in the elevator. Learn where to find episodes online of Bones @ Clicker.

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