American Idol Top 11 – 3/23/11

American Idol Top 11 go Motown tonight, and some of it was really good. Some of it was a train wreck, and some performers still have me going, “WTH”? I don’t enjoy the judges this year, and I honestly find myself looking forward to X-Factor just so I can hear some brutal honesty again.

Jump ahead and see what the performers did or didn’t bring to the table tonight.

Casey Abrams
I Heard It Through the Grapevine
My Thoughts: Well, Shrogen (for those confused Seth Rogen + Shrek) had some slick hair tonight, and he really worked the crowd well. I didn’t love it, I wasn’t wowed but I didn’t hate it.
Judges: Steven thinks he’s perfect. Jennifer thinks it’s great that he knows who he is. Randy enjoyed it.

Thia Megia
Heat Wave
My Thoughts: She looks really adorable tonight, and it’s nice to see her do something other than a ballad. It was a decent performance, not the best of the night, but it put her in the middle of the pack.
Judges: Jennifer liked seeing her let loose. Randy says “yo” too much, but he likes that she took a chance. Steven loves that she took a step out.

Jacob Lusk
You’re All I Need to Get By
My Thoughts: When he sings softly I really like his voice, but it’s when he gets all diva like that I waiver on my opinion. There’s no doubt the guy can sing, but I see him on broadway not on my radio. I wish I was a nicer person these days but I just am not feeling this season. 🙁
Judges: Steven running up and hugging him was strange. Steven loved the way he milked it. Randy loved it, he said he was like a true professional. Jennifer found herself begging for the notes, and says “he moves her”.

Lauren Alaina
You Keep Me Hanging On
My Thoughts: She looks amazing tonight, that dress was hot. I love how she started the song all slow and sexy. This was a great song choice for her, and it really suited her country voice. I was grooving along. Well done Lauren.
Judges: Steven thought it was beautiful. Jennifer thinks she looks amazing tonight, and she loved the attitude that Lauren was delivering. Randy thinks she’s ready to take on the competition with her swagger.

Stefano Langone
My Thoughts: This song always makes me think of a creepy stalker, but David Cook rocked this song in his season. Unfortunately, Stefano did not. Why does he sound like an opera singer tonight with a weird accent? It was really strange arrangement and I hated it. Bottom three for sure.
Judges: Jennifer thinks he sounds beautiful but didn’t show emotion. Jennifer is off her rocker, it wasn’t beautiful. Randy didn’t think he pulled it off. Steven thinks he has a beautiful voice, but wasn’t there emotionally.

Haley Reinhart
You Really Got a Hold on Me
My Thoughts: I know a lot of people are saying how much they loved this performance and her outfit, I wish I could agree. The outfit was hideous, although her hair looks cute straight. It wasn’t as bad as last week, but it was like she was trying far too hard to impress us. I just want one week of her just singing and being soulful without trying to over sing.Judges: Randy thinks it started rough but that she got it back and he was happy. Steven thinks it was beautiful. Jennifer thinks she can do anything with her voice.

Scotty McCreery
For Once in My Life
My Thoughts: It wasn’t his best performance to date, but it was a good attempt to make the song country. I do love his voice no matter what he sings and the harmonica was a great addition. When he shakes his hand around, it’s almost like an angry country gangster which isn’t a good look for our little Curious George.
Judges: Steven loved it. Jennifer loved the arrangement, and says he gets her every time. Randy says that he makes him smile.

Pia Toscano
All in Love is Fair
My Thoughts: I liked her outfit this week way better than last week. We all know she can sing, but I’m sick of the ballads. Yes, she sang it really well, but I want more!
Judges: The judges want her to go up-tempo and step away from the ballads. Steven calls her the “closest star in the idol universe”.

Paul McDonald
Tracks of My Tears
My Thoughts: I watch him and I don’t love him, but I don’t hate him. I’m impartial, except for the fact that it’s hard to judge him against everyone else because he’s so odd. He slurs his words a lot which makes it strange to listen to. I think he’s probably safe but I just don’t know what to think of him.
Judges: Steven compares him to Dylan or Willie Nelson, two very different type of performers. Randy thinks he’s really unique, but he thinks when Paul sings tender it talks to him. Randy says “Dude” way too many times. Jennifer loved it.

Naima Adedapo
Dancing in the Streets
My Thoughts: I want to like her, I really do, but I don’t. *sigh* It was better than last week, but I still hate watching her. I don’t think she can dance no matter what the judges say and I think the girl needs to go home. PS- So does her wardrobe, I think she was wearing my grandma’s curtains.
Judges: Steven loved it, but then again he loves everyone. Jennifer got goosebumps. Randy says he’s been too hard on her and she “finally showed up”.

James Durbin
Living for the City
My Thoughts: I don’t get the tail thing perhaps I’m out of the fashion loop, but I just don’t get it. Other than that it was a really good vocal, a nice rocker feel without the over screaming. I think he’s a little too full of himself when the audience cheers for him at the end, I want to get on with the judging not watch him soak up the attention.
Judges: Randy thought it started slow but that he found his “pocket” and made it unbelievable. Steven thinks “it takes a little bit of crazy to make it great in this world”, and that he nailed it. ? Odd but I suppose accurate. Jennifer loved it, especially his back step dancing. She says he leaves her speechless.

Overall it was a decent night, but I wasn’t blown away by many of the performers. My bottom three are Naima, Haley and Stefano. I think Stefano will go home but one never knows. What did you think of tonight? Is this season even worth watching anymore?

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6 Responses to American Idol Top 11 – 3/23/11

  1. Jenny says:

    Please be nice on comments. There’s no need to be hateful. Megan is entitled to her opinion, and this is a TV site, not a grammar competition.

  2. Sandye says:

    I got a kick out of your reviews. At least you are honest. This is a really weird season, with the contestants having a different vibe, many being more seasoned, such diversity, and with the producers they are bringing in and Kenny — adds alot of pressure when the kids are trying to work out their songs.

    Sometimes judges give a pass on things for certain contestants — didn’t Thia forget her words tonight, I’m almost sure of it.

    I REALLY like Stephano but his accent when he sang sounded like he was trying to bring in Italian or Hispanic, it was a bit odd – but I still love him. Poor Scotty, the things he does with his face sometimes – he should practice in the mirror. Some faces are like Clay used to make. Still love Scotty though.

    I do have to say…Naima is a treasure. She is colorful, she celebrates her African heritage and she has the combo of joy and being broken in her personality. Remember, she cleans stadiums and she mentioned in one of her promos, she wanted to be up on that stage. Well, that girl has earned the right to be on stage, because although she could work on her vocals a bit, she is very gifted, and I actually cry every time she sings because a single mother, with so much passion and deserving a chance – and she has a dignity about her. I just LOVE her. She can dance (I’ve had experience) and she is a uniuque package. Please give her a chance.

    I do really like Paul too – I think he is sexy – but he needs to articulate more and make sure he is in tune.

    Jacob – Broadway or church star.

    Haley or Thia (who is lovely, but not ready for all this and messed up her song tonight) need to go home. Period.

    One last note: Pia has great vocals, very pretty and classy, but doe she have personality? She cheated by taking “All in Love is Fair’ which Stevie sang, but wasn’t a MOTOWN song, but was rather once a Barbasra Streisand power ballad – and that’s why she did it to get by. I hope she shows some connection and personality, as well as up beat music to see if she has what it takes.

    My mom and I laugh through alot of the show because each singer is so different and quirky is in – perhaps you could start enjoying it that way.

  3. Megan says:

    There are such a thing as typos, and occasionally some of us who are actually talented have those. However, thanks for reading and commenting anyways. Perhaps when you read you should notice that it was actually “WTH?” not “WTF?”. Again, thanks for pointing out my typos, I’ll be sure to fix them just for you.

    Sandye- I agree you have to laugh at this season at times. It’s really a strange season. Thanks for reading and your detailed comments, I enjoy them.

  4. Megan says:

    Also Sandye- I can appreciate Naima’s struggle which is why I really want to like her, but I just haven’t had that moment yet. Who knows if she stays around I may be surprised, sometimes the ones I hate the most at the beginning turn out to be my favorite by the end.

  5. Breeze says:

    I was not all that unhappy with any of them. I thought James knocked it out of the ball park.

  6. Izzy says:

    Yeah this season is weird for me . . . I thought it was going to be awesome but to be honest . . . I’m bored ! Thia is my favorite but she’s certainly not the judges favorite and all the awesome stuff we saw her do at the beginning of the competition feels like it’s being pulled away from her – still I have to say though I keep listening to her “Colors of the Wind” on my ipod and I love it !

    This week – everyone was just OK for me –

    I’m bored with Pia even though it’s undeniable that she can sing,
    I think Casey either always looks angry or constipated (or both),
    I like Scotty’s voice but his performances may start getting boring for me pretty soon,
    I can’t get behind either Jacob or Naima although the funky dancing and African vibes are something different at least . . . I feel like she’d be a hit at a “World Music” show . . .or in Africa !
    I never got behind the Lauren hype – she’s just ok for me certainly no Carrie Clarkson or whatever they tried to call her for a minute !
    James I was intrigued by in the beginning but that went away as quickly as last week’s tail and
    Haley . . . well somehow I can see her as a lounge singer or performing on a cruise ship somewhere.
    As for Stefano I like his scars and his teeth but other than that I’m bored
    And Paul . . . well . . . to be honest I really don’t understand why he’s there at all – but that’s only because I suppose I just don’t like his voice – to me it just seems whispery and raspy and sometimes completely irrelevant – that coupled with his “chicken arm” = me not being able to sit though any performance of his in its entirety !