If We Controlled Your Remote… 3/25/11

This week has been a serious rollercoaster! It’s been filled with a lot of highs, such as the renewal of Fringe and the amazing and shocking season finale of Pretty Little Liars. It’s also been filed with a lot of lows, as well, with the cancellation of FX’s show Lights Out and the passing of legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor. Every week is a wild ride, and after this week of whirlwind emotions, we say, TGIF! Today is also the day baby Pherson should be born to Megan and her husband, so check back later, and hopefully, we’ll post the announcement of the finale of Baby Watch 2011!

Lisa’s Choice

Who Do You Think You Are brings an insightful and in depth look at the family tree of celebrities, as they dig around the branches to find information on their ancestors. This season, we’ve gotten a look at Rosie O’Donnell, Tim McGraw, Kim Cattrall, and Lionel Richie’s family backgrounds, and we’ve gotten to see a lot of insights and intrigue into their ancestry. I know this show has inspired many people to take a look at what lies among the branches of their own family trees.

Tonight, Steve Buscemi travels through New York, Philadelphia, and the battlefields of Virginia in his ancestry quest. Steve discovers that he may have a questionable character in one of his ancestors.

Watch a new episode tonight at 8/7c on NBC. Learn where to find episodes online of Who Do You Think You Are @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what Jenny & Jamie recommend.

Jenny’s Choice

There’s not much on for me tonight, but one thing I look forward to each week is the new episode of Working Class, a new comedy this season on CMT. The show never fails to make me laugh.

Carli’s extremely flirtatious mother takes her teenage granddaughter to an eventful Renaissance fair on a weekend. Apprehensive, Carli gets way more than she bargains for, and worries that her mother is not a good role model for her daughter. Leslie Ann Warren guest stars as Carli’s mother.

Don’t miss the new episode on CMT at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Working Class @ Clicker.

Jamie’s Choice

There have been a few new shows about cupcakes that have come to pass. Don’t disregard this one as just another dessert related program. DC Cupcakes is more than sweets. It’s got family!

This week’s episode of the deliciously cute show, DC Cupcakes, has sisters Sophie and Catherine competing in a store bake-off. Their mission is to create pink cupcakes, that will come together to make a giant pink bra, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s see if the girls can make it happen and if Mommy helps or hinders!

Don’t miss the new episode on TLC at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of @ Clicker.

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