If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/10/11

It’s my first day back on the Remote post … did you miss me? 😀 I missed being here. I’m sore and sleep deprived, but I feel incredibly blessed to have a healthy baby and a happy family. Now let’s talk TV! The last couple of weeks have been stellar for new episodes, and this week is no exception. Jamie is going to continue posting when she really thinks you should be watching something, so thank you to her for helping to fill in while I was gone! Let’s take a look at what’s on and what you should be watching.

Megan’s Choice

Sundays are always a great night to sit back, relax, and watch TV with your family. Tonight brings us a lot of great shows to choose from, but I think you should be watching an all new episode of The Amazing Race. I love watching this with my husband, because we always have a good laugh at the teams who self-destruct by arguing, but then admit that there is no way we could run the race together without possibly killing each other. 😉

On tonight’s episode, one team makes a costly mistake after becoming overwhelmed by the crowed streets of India, while another Racer takes a desperate plunge.

Tune into CBS at 8/7c to see how it all plays out. Learn where to find episodes online of The Amazing Race @ Clicker.

Jump ahead to see what Jenny, Lisa, & Jamie think you should be watching.

Jenny’s Choice

I’ve been really enjoying Breakout Kings on A&E. Every episode, the cast seems to gel just that much more, and we’re learning more and more about the characters and their back stories. It’s well worth the watch, in my opinion.

On tonight’s episode, Christian Beaumont doesn’t just have an axe to grind with the prison system, he’s got an axe to grind with the entire system of organized government. The gang must find this escaped felon before something else is destroyed. And the stakes become even higher for the team when Beaumont sends an explosive package to Charlie DuChamp’s home. Meanwhile, Lloyd Lowery wonders who his real father is and why his mother never told the truth about him.

Don’t miss a new episode on A&E at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Breakout Kings @ Clicker.

Jamie’s Choice

This season of The Amazing Race is at it’s best. It is an All Star season, and the teams are blazing trails fast and furious! At this stage in the game, you can still root for more than one team, but those days will end soon, so choose wisely!

Tonight’s episode has the teams stuck in the crowded streets of India. India is not known as one of the greatest stops on the race in the past, for the previously stated reason. So, it is easy to see why one team makes quite an error while on this leg. Sadly, I have a feeling that this may be my personal favorite team of Zev and Justin. Zev has Autism, so noises can be quite upsetting. With the bustle that goes on in India, I can see where he may have an issue. Also during this go round, another contestant is said to make a panicked plunge. We will just have to wait and see which team is the last to arrive at the pitstop. Do this friendly journalist a favor and keep your fingers crossed that Zev and Justin step on the mat before last place and/or that this is the first non-elimination stop on the race.

The new episode airs tonight on CBS at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Amazing Race @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

Another one bites the dust! Last week on The Celebrity Apprentice, we bid a fond farewell to Richard Hatch, as he wasn’t able to raise much money during an art auction. Meatloaf had a meltdown when dealing with Gary Busey, and Jose had to leave early, due to his father being ill. We also saw John Rich and Marlee Matlin both excel and use their connections in a smart and positive manner. I’m thinking we might see these two go head to head again in the season finale!

Tonight, using a 10 foot glass box, the celebrities create a marketing event for some sun-care products. Also, an unruly team member takes over and hijacks a project manager’s idea, while one team takes a major risk making a last minute change.

Watch NBC tonight at 9/8c for an all new episode! Learn where to find episodes online of The Celebrity Apprentice @ Clicker.

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