American Idol Top 8 – 4/13/11

After the shocking elimination of Pia last week, everyone is being told to vote for your favorite. Isn’t that what America has been doing, and why Pia went home? I know that Pia is an amazingly talented young lady, but she was never going to be the next American Idol. She’s not what America usually votes through, but on the bright, side rumour has it she already has a record deal. On another happy note, look at how well Jennifer Hudson did after being voted off in the early part. 😉

Onto tonight’s Top 8. The theme is songs from the cinema. Let’s see how the Idols do this week.

Paul McDonald
Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll
My Thoughts: What is with his suits? I find them incredibly distracting. This song seemed to suit him better than a lot of his previous choices, but I still find something about him off-putting. As far as the performance tonight goes, my favorite part was the girl rocking the saxophone; that was awesome.
Judges: Steven loves Paul’s crazy and wild abandon. Jennifer thinks he’s becoming more polished. Randy believes he’s a true artist.

Lauren Alaina
The Climb
My Thoughts: I have secretly always loved this song, even if it is a Miley Cyrus song. Lauren really sang this song well, and I loved her singing it. Her hair looked adorable tonight. She’s a really beautiful young girl. The tone in her voice really suited this song, and she sang it better than Miley, in my opinion.
Judges: Jennifer loves the emotion in her voice, but wants Lauren to go further. Randy said she made the song sound like it was written for her. Steven loves what she brings to the song and how she owns the songs she sings.

Stefano Langone
End of the Road
My Thoughts: It should have been him that went home last week, but he’s here and singing one of my favorite Boyz II Men songs. I’ll give him some credit this week, because you could see he was actually really fighting for his place in the competition. It was a better performance than last week by far. Tonight was the first time that I actually didn’t want to change the channel while he was singing. It was his best vocal to date.
Judges: Randy thinks he slayed it. Steven thinks it’s the beginning of the road for him. Jennifer thinks he finally understands the key to being a good performer.

Scotty McCreery
I Cross My Heart
My Thoughts: I can’t help myself, I love listening to Scotty sing. His voice is so rich and has such a sweet tone. He’s adorable in a quirky, Curious George, sort of way that makes him endearing. All over the place young, teenage girls are falling in love with country music because of Scotty. He really did this song justice, and comes across as a seasoned country artist.
Judges: Steven loves his voice and thinks he picked the right song. Jennifer thought it was really good and he performed beautifully. Randy loved the song choice, and he thinks that a star is born.

Casey Abrams
Nature Boy
My Thoughts: I don’t know what it is about the upright bass, but it makes Casey almost classy. This performance was pure Casey style, and it was slick and cool. He’s always going to be Shrogen to me, but I have to admit I’m enjoying him a lot more since he’s been choosing the jazz songs.
Judges: Jennifer thinks his performances cross boundaries. Randy is loving the fact he embraces who he is. Steven thinks he’s an artist in the best possible way.

Haley Reinhart
Call Me
My Thoughts: Her dress looked like a cheap stained glass window, and she looked a bit like she belonged on a street corner. All that aside, I thought it was a terrible performance. If she was on a street corner, she sure wouldn’t be surviving from money she earned singing.
Judges: Randy didn’t love it and thought it was karaoke. Steven actually agrees with Randy, but just tried to find something positive to say, so he drools over her dress. Jennifer admits she agrees with Randy, but she’s scared to say anything, because she’s worried another girl will go home.

Jacob Lusk
Bridge Over Troubled Water
My Thoughts: This really fits into his Gospel type singing, but Clay Aiken did it better. He seemed really nervous this week, and it came across in his performance. There were so many people that loved this performance tonight. I was not one of them. I found it boring and predictable.
Judges: They all seemed to enjoy it, and as usual were filled with compliments instead of constructive criticism.

James Durbin
Heavy Metal
My Thoughts:It was loud and screamy, but in true Durbin style, it was rock. He does what he does, despite what America might want, and that in itself seems to make America love him more. I didn’t despise it, but I wasn’t jumping on the James train, either.
Judges: Steven loved it, as usual. Randy thinks it was a great performance for his own concert, and Jennifer thought it was crazy.

Overall it was another strong night. If I had to pick a bottom three it would be Jacob, Haley and James for me personally. Tune in tomorrow to see who America thinks should go home.

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