If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/14/11

Hard to believe it’s Thursday already. This week is just flying by. It’s been a great week for television, and tonight is shaping up to be more of the same.

Megan’s Choice

It doesn’t matter how many times I watch Bones, I still want to watch more. I’m hoping by the end of the season, we’re finally going to see Booth and Brennan together. It’s been more promising now that Hannah is gone, but Booth has become all anti-love, so that’s an issue now too. Later this season, we’re going to get to see Angela and Hodgins’ baby born, so that too is something to look forward to. Whether you watch for the relationships or for the cases, I guarantee you’ll never be disappointed.

On tonight’s episode, the death of a myth-busting TV host in the West Virginia wilderness may be the work of the legendary chupacabra, though the list of suspects also includes a pet psychic (Jo Anne Worley) who was one of the victim’s rivals in the field.

Tune in to FOX tonight at 8/7c to see how the team solves the case. Learn where to find episodes online of Bones @ Clicker.

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Jamie’s Choice

I admit it, I’m giddy! Two words…The Office. Two more words…Will Ferrell. Ok, enough with the two words, but seriously, I’m psyched to see that The Office is back with brand new episodes, and with Will Ferrell gracing our screens for a few upcoming epsiodes, there are sure to be extra laughs! Could it get more exciting?

On Will Ferrell’s first episode of The Office, we are introduced to him as Deangelo Vickers. He is in line to possibly replace Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) as manager of Dunder Miflin, who as you recall is moving to Colorado to help Holly take care of her elderly parents. If you are familiar with Ferrell’s work, then you will know not to look for him to play Deangelo as an every day Joe. For Ferrell to accept a role, it has to be unique. We’ll all just have to tune in to see what kind of first impression the new manager in training makes with our favorite paper company employees. I know I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see if there will be a new “World’s Greatest Boss.”

Don’t miss the exciting new episode tonight on NBC at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Office @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice

So this is apparently going to be a 2 show post today. LOL As much as I think you should watch a few other shows (I mean, come on! Michael and Nikita FINALLY hooked up on Nikita last week, and this week has some more action… Mmmm), my pick absolutely has to go to Bones tonight. Now that the Hannah storyline is over, I’ve embraced this show completely once again, and like Megan, no matter how much I watch, I want to watch MORE MORE MORE!

On tonight’s episode, the mythic Chupacabra (whenever I hear that, all I think of is Scooby-Doo! lol) appears to be the culprit behind the murder of a television show host, but theories are challenged after new evidence is found. A recovering alcoholic and former coworker attempts to make amends with the team.

Please don’t miss it tonight on FOX at 9/8c. Every viewer this show can get helps! Learn where to find episodes online of Bones @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

The time to bid a fond farewell to Michael Scott is almost at hand. The employees at Dunder Mifflin better be giving this beloved character a send off that is worthy of how lauded he truly is. The real testament will be how the new boss can fit into the dynamics of our favorite dysfunctional bunch of paper pushers. The new boss is introduced tonight, and he is played by Will Ferrell, who is known for bringing the comedy. However, Steve Carell does have some mighty big shoes for Ferrell to fill. I am looking forward to seeing how Will Ferrell can dominate The Office and take the show to a whole new level.

Tonight, the employees of Dunder Mifflin meet new manager Deangelo Vickers (Will Ferrell). The employees hope to make good impressions on Vickers, but knowing this bunch, it’s going to be an impression he will not soon be forgetting.

Watch an all new episode of The Office on NBC at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Office @ Clicker.

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