American Idol Top 7 – 4/20/11

And then there were seven! Tonight brings us the Top 7 on American Idol, and they’re tackling songs of the 21st Century. There were some amazing moments, some mediocre moments, and finally, some moments that had our jaws dropping in surprise. Let’s take a look at how the night played out after the jump.

Scotty McCreery
My Thoughts: I was giggling when the other contestants were talking about they way he holds the microphone like a flute. It was great when he went into the deep vocals. His voice always sounds so smooth when he does. If I was Scotty, I would have picked a better country song, seeing as there are so many great country artists for the 21st Century.
Judges: Jennifer expected more and thinks he could have chosen a better song. Randy found it boring and thinks he could have done something bigger.

James Durbin
My Thoughts: Love this song, and love that he sang a song by Muse. This was one of my favorite performances of the season, because of the awesome theatrics.
Judges: Jennifer thinks it’s theatrically the best performance of the night. Randy says it’s a great direction for James to go. Steven said something about James going in a “t-rex direction” which I have no idea what that means, but he meant something good I’m sure.

Haley Reinhart
Rolling in the Deep
My Thoughts: It was amusing how the other contestants were poking fun at her growl. What a fabulous song choice! This is one of my favorite songs on the radio at the moment. For the type of voice that Haley has, this is a perfect choice. She really delivered tonight, and I actually enjoyed it a lot.
Judges: Randy thinks this is the type of song she should record. Jennifer said she found her moments to really shine. Steven thought it was beautiful.

Jacob Lusk
Dance With My Father
My Thoughts: It made me smile that the contestants describe him as a diva, because let’s face it, he is. I found it hard to watch him sing a song about his dad after losing him at only 12 years old. He’s very emotional while singing, and for the first time in weeks we don’t see him over sing with all the runs. It was a decent performance vocally, but emotionally, it was so touching.
Judges: Steven called him Luther Lusk Jr. and said that he pulled it off. Jennifer that it was a beautiful emotional performance. Randy says it was good vocally, but not great.

Casey Abrams
Harder to Breathe
My Thoughts: I may be biased, because I actually really like this song, too… what can I say I love a lot of music. He was having pitch issues the whole song, but I admire his ability to keep up with the lyric tempo. I also love his musical skills with all the instruments, so talented. At the end of Shrogen’s performance, he was singing right in Jennifer’s face, and then he laid a kiss on her cheek. So cute. All that aside, it wasn’t his best technical performance.
Judges: Jennifer loved it, which she quickly explains she means the performance. Sure šŸ˜‰ Randy loves that he takes chances and is full of surprises. Steven loses his control and drops dozens of f-bombs, and says he loves him.

Stefano Langone
My Thoughts: I will admit that while I don’t love his vocals at all, I do have to admire the sexiness he’s oozing out tonight. Those suspenders hanging down take my mind to all kinds of naughty places. The muscles in his arms almost made me forget that I was supposed to be listening to his singing, which was mediocre at best, but closer to terrible. If it was an audition for a Chippendale’s dancer, he’d have my vote. Not so much for the singing.
Judges: Randy thought it was pretty good. Steven told him it was a good job. Jennifer really liked it. I don’t really take much the judges have to say seriously these days, because they love everyone.

Lauren Alaina
Born to Fly
My Thoughts: She did Sara Evans proud singing this song so well. I just wish that Lauren really knew how fabulous she is. Her outfit looked like something for a cheap line dancing bar, though. Big fail for her on that. I really enjoyed the fiddle playing during the song, though, and the fiddle player was nice, too. šŸ˜‰
Judges: For the first time in forever, Steven gave some actual advice, telling her to sing some Allison Krauss, Shania, Faith Hill next time. He also said she’s bound to win, because she’s just so good naturally. Jennifer loves the color in her voice, but thinks she can go even bigger. Randy tells her to believe in herself.

It’s hard to imagine a bottom three tomorrow, because they were all relatively great, except for Stefano. I suppose if I have to choose three, then my bottom three are Stefano, Jacob, and Scotty. That makes me sad to say, but I hated Scotty’s song choice. Tune into FOX tomorrow night at 8/7c to see who goes home.

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