If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/25/11

Ugh, well, Happy Monday to everyone. Josh is home sick again, with a stomachache and…I’ll be nice and say intestinal issues. lol Poor kid. So I got up late, am running behind, and therefore, the Remote post is late. Sorry! On a good note, I get to go see one of 2 showings this weekend of Top Gun, one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME, because of the 25th Anniversary. Plus, I get a theatre-sized Top Gun poster! That’s theatre-size Tom Cruise! And as my husband pointed out, that’s young, HOT Tom Cruise, not creepy, old scientology Tom Cruise! *laugh* Anyway, on to what we think you should be watching tonight.

Jenny’s Choice

There isn’t a lot on tonight, unfortunately. But I’m definitely looking forward to watching the new episode of Better with You with my husband. I’ve seen tonight’s episode already, but he hasn’t, and it’s a good one! When the show first started, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. In fact, when I saw the pilot before it aired on TV, I *didn’t* like it. But then I watched it again when it came out, and it has now become one I genuinely look forward to each week. I love something about each of the characters, and that’s kind of rare for me. Normally, there is at least one character I don’t particularly like, or find more annoying that anything, but not on this show. Also, if you are a fan of Dancing With the Stars, you’ll want to stick around for tonight’s ep of Better with You, because my fave pro dancer on that series guest stars on this one!

On tonight’s episode, Casey realizes that Mia has two left feet during their first wedding dance lesson, and he asks the dance instructor (guest star Derek Hough) to keep his secret after bombing his moves. Ben asks Larry King for advice on handling a spat he had with Maddie about Vicky and Joel. (Yes, it’s really Larry King. lol)

Don’t miss the new episode on ABC at 9:31/8:31c. Learn where to find episodes online of Better with You @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what Megan & Lisa recommend.

Megan’s Choice

My choice for tonight may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I simply can’t help myself. Make It or Break It isn’t just another teen show. It’s a drama that really draws you in, time and time again. The show follows elite teenage gymnasts as they try to attain their dream of being in the Olympics, while they also deal with the challenges of being a teenage girl. They deal with their family, boys, health issues, and so much more. You should tune in for no other reason than it’s always comforting to watch someone else’s life drama to take your mind off your own.

On tonight’s episode, after the disastrous meet with the Pinewood Gymnastics Club, The Rock’s confidence is at an all-time low. As the team travels to the East Euro meet in Budapest, Hungary, Payson realizes that the only way the team will succeed at Worlds is to convince Sasha Belov to return as their coach. But when Payson, Emily, and Lauren finally find Sasha in the most unlikely of places, he clearly is not pleased to see them. Will the girls be able to convince him to come back before time runs out, or did they put their entire futures on the line for nothing? Meanwhile, Kaylie continues to come to terms with her anorexia as she learns more about her identity separate from the world of gymnastics.

Tune in to ABC Family at 9/8c to see what happens. Learn where to find episodes online of Make It or Break It @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

Unfortunately, this Monday, you may have even more than the back to work blues. There isn’t much new on TV, except for a few shows here and there, but one that’s all new that you’re not going to want to miss is Mad Love. Monday nights haven’t been the same since Mad Love came into the nightly lineup. They’ve been much better! Sarah Chalke, Jason Biggs, Tyler Labine, and Judy Greer make for great Monday night company. Share a laugh and make some new friends by making Monday your new comedy night.

Tonight, Kate and Ben’s spontaneous outing leads to major disaster, and Larry tries to hit on one of Connie’s friends.

Watch an all new episode on CBS at 8:30/7:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of Mad Love @ Clicker.

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