American Idol Top 6 – 4/27/11

American Idol is down to the top 6, and tonight, they tackle songs by Carole King. The idols will be doing a solo and a duet tonight, giving us a double chance to love or hate them. 🙂 Let’s see how the chips fall.

Jacob Lusk
Oh No, Not My Baby
My Thoughts: I enjoyed when he sang in a lower register. It was so much nicer than his loud, high diva voice. It wasn’t a great performance, but it was fun. I’m still not a fan, but I didn’t hate it.
Judges: Steven likes that he’s shaking his tail feathers, and the others liked it. Randy thought he did the scat part really well.

Lauren Alaina
Where You Lead
My Thoughts: I love this song. It makes me miss Gilmore Girls. Her voice is adorable when it’s in the high register. I found it really odd that she brought a guy up on stage to sing to, and it was a little goofy. Seacrest was really amusing when he told the boy that they have “rules,” because he’s 19 and she’s only 16. Good job protecting the young ones, Ryan. 🙂
Judges: Jennifer loved it and was proud of her pushing the boundaries. Randy wasn’t crazy about the song choice, but loves Lauren. Steven rambles in his usual crazy Steven way.

Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams
I Feel the Earth Move
My Thoughts: This is a great choice of song for these two with their jazz styling, and they are cute together. The harmonies are awesome, and the ending was fabulous. I was impressed.
Judges: Steven gets to comment on this duet, and he thinks it was good and that Casey is in love with Haley. 😉

Scotty McCreery
You’ve Got a Friend
My thoughts: I really enjoyed the softer start to the song and the gentle vibe of his voice. If he wasn’t so young, I’d even say it was sexy, but then I’d be a cougar. 😉 The runs in his awesome low voice were incredible. I’m really happy he was so much better this week.
Judges: Randy loves his tenor voice and wants him to hold the high notes more. Steven says he’s never sung better. Jennifer thinks his strength is his story telling, and that he told that story beautifully.

James Durbin
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
My Thoughts:Holy crap, his voice a capella gave me chills and made me want to throw panties at the stage. (Sorry for the image 😉 ) When it speeds up, I’m suddenly picturing a prom scene from a 1980’s movie, but I’m still digging it. For me this was a great James moment, and I really loved hearing his actually singing voice more than his screaming rock voice.
Judges: Steven loved the beginning, but wasn’t enjoying the faster part as much. Jennifer thinks it was “magical”. Randy says he proved he was a great singer and that James might actually win the whole thing.

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery
Up on the Roof
My Thoughts: It was a cute performance, but Lauren really owned it. She was much stronger on this, but Scotty was still good. They’re super adorable together, but I feel like the producers are trying to make us think they are an actual couple. I’m not sure they are, but their country styles obviously meld well together.
Judges: Jennifer gets to comment on this duet, and she thinks that Lauren sang her “brains” off and that Scotty did a great job singing second voice to Lauren.

Casey Abrams
My Thoughts: Okay, is there any instrument that Shrogen can’t play? I’m loving the slick jazz hat. His vocals were spot on for this song, and I was actually feeling like I was in a blues club, chilling out with him singing to me. On another note, that saxophone player was intense, makes me proud to play the sax, too.
Judges: Randy said it was like the song was written for him. Steven says that Casey found his niche. Jennifer thinks he’s in his element with the musicians, but wants him to loosen up more physically.

Haley Reinhart
My Thoughts: It starts off a bit cheesy, but when she slows it down, it has even me enjoying Haley. If she sticks to this jazzy type songs, we’ll all be in for treat.
Judges:They all enjoyed it, but Randy didn’t love the beginning.

James Durbin and Jacob Lusk
Something Tells Me I’m Into Something Good
My thoughts: Oh my gravy! I’m assuming this is what happens when acid goes bad? Rocker voice James and gospel diva James just don’t blend as well as a duet should. It’s more like oil and water than anything I’ve seen for a duet before. Serious fail.
Judges: Lots of rambling, but basically, they were confused as to what that was as well.

That’s it for tonight’s American Idol. If I was going to pick someone to go home, my vote would be for Jacob. Everyone else was just better, and they all have strong fan bases. I guess we’ll see tomorrow night at 8/7c on FOX.

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4 Responses to American Idol Top 6 – 4/27/11

  1. erik says:

    casey jake and haley.those are who i think will be the top 3

  2. erik says:

    jake.he has an ausome voice.last night,i couldnt beleive how great he sang.ithought he was in trouble singing carole king.he is an ausome singer!hayley.last week and even yesturday rocked the house singing rolloing in the deep.these top 6 are so talented.i think scotty will get voted off tonight.but one way or another,hes getting a record deal

  3. Donna says:

    I am from the State of Alabama..on 4/27/11 we were battling killer tornadoes , power outages and in short Idol did not air ..we had more important things to deal with staying alive. My point is, over 1 million people , just in the State of Alabama were without power…..not to mention other southern states like Ms, Mo, Ar, etc..and could NOT VOTE …I don’t think ANYONE should have been voted off THIS week because a lot of people here like Casey as well as some of the others…it wasn’t an accurate vote with sooo many being left out of the loop due to mother nature. I feel they should let Casey “come back” and next week , send TWO people home. IMO that would be the FAIR thing to do.

    A Idol Fan

  4. Megan says:

    Donna- I think you make an excellent point and I hope that Idol has the intelligence that you do. I hope that you and your loved ones are doing okay, and know that all of our thoughts and prayers are with the people in southern states that are suffering because of mother nature.