If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/4/11

Oh my word, my sinuses are driving me crazy! It feels like something in the back of my nose is tickling me and makes me want to sneeze, but only when I tilt my head certain ways. Bah. It’s very disconcerting! Poor Megan and her family are still dealing with horrible colds, too. I hope you and yours are healthier than we are! lol Even though we’re not all well, we still feel good enough to watch all the great new episodes on tonight. For what we think you should watch, check out our recommendations below!

Jenny’s Choice #1 (yes, multiple choices for me again!)

One of my favorite new comedies is Breaking In on FOX. I love love love Bret Harrison and Christian Slater, and the rest of the cast is brilliantly funny, as well. The show has quickly worked its way into the hearts of both me and my husband, and it’s a must-watch each week. I recently spoke to Alphonso McAuley, who plays Cash, and Executive Producer Adam F. Goldberg, and they were VERY funny. Tonight’s ep looks funny, and they had some fun things to say about it, too. Check out the great questions & answers!

On tonight’s episode, Oz and the team are assigned as protective duty for the sequel to a beloved cult classic at a comic-con convention, and an overly obsessed fanboy is at the top of the list of potential suspects after the only copy of the movie comes up missing.

Don’t miss it tonight on FOX at 9:30/8:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of Breaking In @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see the other picks!

Megan’s Choice

I’ve been a fan of the original Criminal Minds since the very beginning, and now I’m a fan of the new spinoff Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. The best part of Criminal Minds: SB has to be that we get to see Garcia twice in one night! My obsession with the fabulous Garcia aside, the story arcs on CM:SB are always intriguing, and at times, even more disturbing then the original Criminal Minds. The recent story line involving new mothers that were being abducted and murdered hit a little too close to home for my comfort. ๐Ÿ˜‰

On tonight’s episode, Cooper testifies in a case involving a death-row inmate who petitions for a mistrial based on the evidence that was given by FBI Director Fickler.

Tune into CBS at 10/9c to see how this case turns out. Learn where to find episodes online of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

I have to admit, I’m a fickle TV viewer. When something happens on a show that makes me incredibly unhappy, I quit watching temporarily. Prime example? Bones. I stopped watching after Hannah was introduced, and saved up the episodes on my DVR until just before she and Booth broke up. Now? I watch every week. Another show I did that with? *sigh* Justified. We got introduced to the Bennetts toward the end of last season, and I wasn’t overly thrilled with that storyline, so after the first episode of this season, when I knew we were still going to be focused in that direction, I stopped watching and saved them up until this past weekend, when Scott & I sat down and watched 11 episodes over the course of 2 days. LOL Yes, it was crazy. What can I say? ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so glad we did, because it was a great season. Tonight is the season finale, and I’m really pretty sad about that. ๐Ÿ™ That’s why it’s my second choice tonight, because it’s again a can’t-miss show for me.

On tonight’s episode, in order to uncover what happened to a missing person, Raylan must maneuver his way around the increasingly dangerous war between Boyd and the Bennetts, which is quickly becoming a huge burden on the town’s everyday workings.

The season finale airs on FX at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Justified @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

It’s Mother’s Day! And what’s this big day without a few awful gifts and a lot of chaos and dysfunction? The Hecks definitely know all about it. Well, Frankie sure does, at least, because every year, the matriarch of the Heck family just can’t seem to catch a break. Last year, it was the worst of gifts imaginable, and poor Frankie went a little bonkers. Afterall, Mike can live like a King on Father’s Day, but when the shoe is on the other foot for Frankie, it’s one hit after another. This year, can we finally expect a turn for the better for this manic mama?

Tonight’s episode of The Middle is more of the same Mother’s Day mayhem. For Mother’s Day, Mike and the kids offer Frankie a day to herself, but like any other holiday, nothing is ever as it seems.

Watch an all new episode on ABC at 8/7c! Learn where to find episodes online of The Middle @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #3

You know I can’t go a Wednesday without mentioning one of my favorite shows ever, Criminal Minds, right? It’s been up and down for me recently, because I hate hate hate that Emily Prentiss is gone. I hated it when JJ left, and although I don’t mind Seaver, I do miss JJ and Prentiss. AJ Cook (JJ) is coming back for the season finale and as a series regular for next season, and Paget Brewster (Prentiss) may return, as well, next season, if her comedy pilot tanks, so I’m happy about all that. Still, it IS one of my favorites, and I want to recommend it, so I am. ๐Ÿ˜€

On tonight’s episode, the BAU team is called out to a North Carolina mountain town after a woman is found badly injured and another one is missing, and they discover that these two women are not the only victims in someone’s twisted game of crime.

The new episode airs tonight on CBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Criminal Minds @ Clicker.

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