American Idol Top 5 – 5/4/11

American Idol is getting down to the wire, we’re at the Top 5 this week. The contestants are each singing two songs tonight, one from today and one from yesterday. We also get the treat of having Sheryl Crow there to help mentor the Idols, which is awesome because I love her. Let’s see how the night played out.

James Durbin
Closer to the Edge
My Thoughts: Did you know that it’s Jared Leto’s band? Honestly, I didn’t. 🙂 In the beginning, he sounded a little off but found his footing half way through and then really stepped it up. I’m still not a fan of the screaming parts but if I have to listen to a few of the screamy performances to have a chance to hear him sing soft and slow I will, because that’s when he really shines. Overall, not a terrible performance but not my favorite.
Judges: Steven loved it, and Jennifer thinks he’s been showing how much he wants it. Randy thinks he’s in it to win it.

Jacob Lusk
No Air
My Thoughts: I love this song, and now I feel violated by Jacob because he murdered one of my favorite songs. Somewhere Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown are really pissed. He seems to be off-key a lot, and his “dancing” is a little disturbing. He needs to go home now.
Judges: Jennifer gave him a lot of positive suggestions in a nice manner. Randy says it was sharp and not the right song choice. Steven is waiting for him to find his niche.

Lauren Alaina
Flat on the Floor
My Thoughts: It started off a little weak, but she redeemed herself on the chorus and started to kick some country ass. Carrie Underwood is a great Idol for Lauren to want to be like and while she did the song justice, Lauren has a bit before she catches up to Carrie’s talent. That said Lauren was really good tonight, apart from the hideous tassels on her shirt.
Judges: Randy thinks she’s in her element. Steven thinks she’s amazing and Jennifer thinks she’s found her perfect place.

Scotty McCreery
My Thoughts:It was a fun upbeat song, and while it wasn’t his best vocal he tore up that stage. Scotty looked pleased with his two blonde hottie back up singers as well. I enjoyed seeing Scotty moving around and showing us a lot of personality. It was a cute performance and will hopefully keep our little curious george safe.
Judges: Steven thinks he was dancing with the devil in a good way. Jennifer loved it and couldn’t stop giggling. Randy loves that he owned the stage.

Haley Reinhart
You and I
My Thoughts: I was a good vocal on a song I’ve never heard. It’s not well known Lady GaGa song, and that may hurt her. She did look like she enjoyed singing this song, and that’s always good. It’s not that it was a bad vocal but it just wasn’t memorable.
Judges: Jennifer isn’t sure it’s a great song choice. Randy agreed with Jennifer. Steven loved it as usual.

James Durbin
Without You
My Thoughts: Watching him get all emotional during rehearsal about his wife and son, and that makes me emotional. I admit it, I got teary eyed because there’s something about a man that loves his family that much that moves me. The performance was a little shaky in the beginning but he pulls out some well done notes in the chorus. He was pretty emotional during the performance as well and I’m going to say that it was the emotions that made his voice so shaky. I don’t care that it wasn’t pitch perfect because his overall performance was moving and that’s what music is all about. Women every where were melting at his love for his wife and son.
Judges: Randy thinks it was “emotionally perfect”, and he thinks this is James’ competition to lose. Steven thinks a beautiful thing when a song can make you emotional and you can still sing the song. Jennifer thinks he has the heart and soul to back up his voice. She thinks he’s amazing.

Jacob Lusk
Love Hurts
My Thoughts: I really love this song so I hope he doesn’t butcher it tonight like he did his last song. The beginning of the song is actually really good, because he wasn’t over singing it, and then there was a lot of crazy. When he wails the notes sometimes it goes a little awry. I just don’t enjoy his performances and I think he needs to tone down his diva hand moves on stage.
Judges: Steven loves his passion. Jennifer loves how he pulled some tricks out at then end. Randy thinks he redeemed himself after the first song.

Lauren Alaina
Unchained Melody
My Thoughts: She looks beautiful in that gown. Her voice is like silk on this song, and she does really amazing on the big notes. It could have been even bigger but she kept it sweet and subdued, which worked for her. I really enjoyed her.
Judges: They all loved it and didn’t have any real criticism.

Scotty McCreery
Always on my Mind
My Thoughts: This is a much better song than the first one for hearing his voice. He sounds adorable and has such a great tone to his voice on this song. I think it’s amazing how at such a young age his voice comes across so mature. He does need to watch the facial expressions a bit because they can be corny, but even with them girls every where are swooning.
Judges: Jennifer thinks he’s well-rounded and can sing anything. Randy thinks sometimes when he does the simplest things he has the biggest impact, and he loved it. Steven thinks America loves him, and he says it was beautiful.

Haley Reinhart
House of the Rising Sun
My Thoughts: The smoky quality of this voice really suits this song. Sheryl suggests she starts a capella and that was great advice. Her voice was amazing and haunting. I am not a Haley fan but this song was fabulous. She just oozed sexiness, and confidence which made the performance even better.
Judges: The judges gave her a standing ovation. Randy said she slayed it and that it was the best performance of the night. Steven thinks she sold the song tonight. Jennifer thinks it was a great job.

It was a good night overall, and it’s getting harder and harder to figure out who is the bottom, especially when America keeps surprising us. I really hope that Jacob goes home, it’s time America. Tune in to FOX Thursday night at 8/7c to see if America gets it right.

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