If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/8/11

We’re right in the middle of May sweeps, and man, things are heating up! There are finales left and right this week, and those that aren’t finishing their season this week (like Bones, etc), have BIG episodes. Megan left EARLY this morning to go out of town to visit family. Lucky for us, though, she spent some time writing up her thoughts on what you should watch each night so I can post them for her. Everyone wish her a happy vacation! 🙂 To help out this week, since it’s a crazy week, Lisa & I will be doing multiple shows each night, and her sister, Jamie, is also going to be joining us again. Yay! Now, let’s see what we all think you should watch tonight!

Jenny’s Choice #1

My first pick tonight is the new episode of Breakout Kings on A&E at 10/9c. I can’t say enough good things about this show. My enjoyment of the characters and the storylines grow each week. It’s a serious show, but there are several lighter moments each episode to counter balance the heavier stuff. It’s becoming a show I look forward to more and more as the season goes on, and I hope A&E renews it, because it’s very deserving of another season.

My favorite character has to be Lloyd, played by Jimmi Simpson, the genius with a 210 IQ, who graduated high school at 12, college at 16, & med school at 20. He was a successful psychiatrist & published professor in the field of Human Behavior Analysis. He was so smart, he turned to something that he was sure would be more challenging to him: gambling. It spiraled out of control and led him to a 25 year prison sentence. He is the stereotypical genius, with horribly awkward social skills and is just damn fun to watch.

My other favorite character is Erica, played by Serinda Swan (who guest starred on last week’s Hawaii Five-0 as the pregnant model!). Growing up, Erica’s father, a skilled bounty hunter, captured a notorious criminal. From prison, the con ordered a hit on Erica’s father. Five thugs beat him to death. Enraged, Erica tracked and killed each of the thugs one by one, which is why she is in prison. She’s got a volatile temper, which she has to work hard at keeping in check, but she does, because if she slips, she won’t be able to gain an early release to become a mother again to her 6 year old daughter. She’s snarky, but she’s damn good at tracking, and I love her. The rest of the cast is fantastic, too, but Lloyd & Erica are my faves!

On tonight’s episode, a contract killer escapes from prison and immediately begins taking care of many of his unfinished clients, so the team must decipher the common thread connecting all of his victims in an effort to find him and bring him to justice.

Don’t miss the new episode tonight on A&E at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Breakout Kings @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see our other recommendations.

Megan’s Choice

Well, this season of The Amazing Race has had its ups and its downs. We’ve watched our favorite teams kick ass, and I’ve seen my cowboys sent home. 🙁 I’ve personally come to find Big Easy annoying and rude, while others have come to love the Globe Trotters. I’m really cheering for Gary and Mallory, because in my opinion, they’ve run the best race and they’re just so darn loveable. No matter who you’re cheering for, just make sure you tune in to CBS tonight.

On tonight’s episode, the final four teams mix it up in Brazil, where Racers weep while they get waxed. One team will win the million dollars by the end of tonight!

Tune in to CBS at 8/7c to see if your favorite team wins. Learn where to find episodes online of The Amazing Race @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

Tonight, you have a supersized episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, which lasts three hours long, because three contestants are getting fired! Last week was interrupted by an incredible historical event, so some people never even got to see who was eliminated. For those who missed out, Donald Trump ended up firing Hope, because she didn’t seem that devoted to being a participant. That, and she really didn’t stick up for herself in the board room. She definitely had Star’s back, (of course, Star did not have hers), but Hope did not put up much of a fight. Not only did Hope get fired, Donald has done something he has never done in any season. He brought back a fired contestant. The Donald brought Latoya back and added her to team Backbone. Oh how the tides have turned. Now ASAP has three members and Backbone has four. Can ASAP overcome their odds and their team bickering and seal the deal? Or will Backbone take command and finally put the nail in Star and NeNe’s coffin?

The two teams go head to head tonight and must produce and sell tickets to a live comedy show. When the first celebrity gets eliminated, the two teams are then tasked to put together a sixty second promotional video.

Tune in tonight, starting at 8/7c on NBC! Learn where to find episodes online of The Celebrity Apprentice @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

My second pick tonight is CSI: Miami. I know, it’s kind of (REALLY) cheesy, and I wouldn’t normally recommend it above all else. But tonight is the season finale, and it’s the finale of the prison escapees storyline. That’s been an interesting story to follow, so I’m excited to see how the end of it plays out. Plus, I’m a huge fan of Ryan’s. (I know, Megan likes Delko, but I’ve ALWAYS been more of a fan of Ryan’s. :D)

Tonight, after Horatio has finally captured the last prison escapee on the run, their transport plane unexpectedly crash lands, and the CSI team discovers that the fugitive may have a lot more in store for them than just a getaway.

The season finale airs tonight on CBS at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of CSI: Miami @ Clicker.

Jamie’s Choice

The longest running television show continues it’s reign of hilarity. Tonight’s episode of The Simpsons is entitled “Homer Scissorhands,” which can only mean one thing…Homer has painted his face white and now has scissors for hands, or…he’s now a hairdresser!

Tonight, Homer finds his inner hair stylist and decides to open his own hair salon. As he becomes a hit amongst the town, we’ll all have to see what he does to screw up the good thing he has going. Meanwhile, Milhouse professes his love for Lisa…again.

Get your giggle on with The Simpsons by tuning in to FOX at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Simpsons @ Clicker.

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