If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/11/11

In case you missed it, last night, there was a purging of shows on FOX. The only thing left on FOX that has not been renewed or canceled, is American Idol. They canceled Breaking In, Human Target, The Chicago Code, Lie to Me, and Traffic Light. My husband & I are super, super bummed, because both of us love the first two, and he was really enjoying the third. There is still a lot on TV, though, including tonight, so cry a little bit, and then check out what we think you should watch!

Jenny’s Choice #1

My first pick tonight is the season finale of Better with You. It hasn’t been renewed yet by ABC, but I have my fingers crossed, because it’s one of my favorite new comedies. I absolutely love how they take similar scenarios and show us how they play out with the 3 different couples, all at different stages of their relationships. Each of the actors and characters are unique and funny on their own, and together, they have fantastic chemistry. All season, we’ve been heading towards the wedding between Mia and Casey, and birth of their baby. Tonight’s season finale gives us both.

On tonight’s episode, while in labor, Mia and Casey decide that they should be married before baby Charlie comes into the world. The rush is on to make the wedding happen, as Casey and Ben dash to City Hall for the marriage license. Maddie puts herself in charge of finding an authorized person to perform the ceremony, and Vicky and Joel hurry to the hospital’s gift shop to find the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” items.

See if Mia and Casey manage to take their vows before the baby appears on ABC at 8:30/7:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of Better with You @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what else we recommend.

Lisa’s Choice #1

It wouldn’t be Wednesday night without a dose of family fun, and you get all of that and more with an all new episode of Modern Family. Thank goodness this comedy is situated on hump day, because after a long week, you need as many laughs as you can get! Modern Family packs all of that punch you need to help you get through, and survive, two more stressful days of work. Let everything fall off your shoulders, watch an all new episode, and get that escapism you are desperately craving!

Just when you think the Dunphys have done it all, on tonights episode, Claire and Phil shock the kids by switching parenting roles for a day. Meanwhile, with the Pritchetts, Jay gives advice to an entrepreneur about his dog training business. Cameron gets stricken with the flu, and that leaves Mitchell to decide what to do with their Lady Gaga tickets. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Watch an all new episode at 9/8c on ABC! Learn where to find episodes online of Modern Family @ Clicker.

Jamie’s Choice

ABC has had a string of hit shows lately, and Happy Endings is now adding it’s name to that list. It’s not been on for a long time, but it seems to have found it’s first season footing and is holding its own. The show features comedic alums like Damon Wayans Jr. (son of infamous In Living Color & My Wife & Kids actor, Damon Wayans), Saturday Night Live actres,s Casey Wilson, and former Scrubs star, Eliza Coupe.

Tonight is another two excellent episodes of Happy Endings working it’s giggle magic. First up, Alex’ and Dave’s coordinating tattoos come back to haunt them as they are no longer a couple. Jane meddles in Max’s love life when she feels he is making a mistake, and Brad’s protest against the world’s worst waiter has unexpected results.

On the second episode, Dave is overflowing with glee, due to a run in with of one of his former high school teachers, played by Rob Huebel (Childrens’ Hospital). Anyone who has ever seen a show with Rob Huebel starring or guest starring is surely aware that Happy Endings fans are in for a belly aching laughs with his arrival. Also on tonight’s show, Max takes it upon himself to take action when a coffee chain dares to move in next to Alex’s shop.

Tune in to ABC at 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c for laughter to ensue with Happy Endings! Learn where to find episodes online of Happy Endings @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

By now, you should know that Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows ever. You might also know that this hasn’t been my favorite season for the show. I’m a huge Morgan/Garcia shipper, and every time we hear about greasy, geeky Lynch, it makes me sad. Still, we have been through a lot the last couple of seasons, and there is still more to come this week and next. Tonight is going to be a big episode for my man, Morgan. I’m excited for it, and hope we’ll get some good M/G moments!

On tonight’s episode, the BAU is Florida-bound to investigate bodies discovered buried in the ocean floor off Jacksonville, but the case rattles Morgan when his aunt suspects that her missing daughter is one of the victims. Denise Dowse (Beverly Hills, 90210) guest stars as Morgan’s aunt, Yvonne Burns.

Don’t miss seeing the hunka hunka burning love, as well as the rest of the great cast, on CBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Criminal Minds @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice #2

The relationships on Cougar Town have always been dysfunctional, but even more so, they are delicious for us fans to watch. They are chock full of funny slights, sarcastic quips, and pop culture references that avid fans of this show love to gobble up, especially when it comes to the character Laurie. She always has something interesting, and maybe not so PC, to say. You can see for yourself if you follow her on Twitter at @TheLarmy. That’s right, her fictional character has a Twitter account, and Laurie’s followers are known as The Larmy. This show has hit it big! Watch and be amazed all for yourself!

Tonight, Jules and Bobby find themselves ill equipped to handle Travis and his broken heart, while Grayson mans up and stands up to Jules. Also, things get a little shaky for Andy and Ellie when Andy’s flirty sister-in-law (Ian Gomez’s real life wife, Nia Vardalos) comes for a visit.

See the Cul-de-Sac Crew dealing with all matters of the heart tonight on ABC at 9:31/8:31c. Learn where to find episodes online of Cougar Town @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice & Jenny’s Choice #3

Ok, so I can’t help it. Sure, FOX canceled Breaking In, but the previews for tonight’s episode look fantastic, and if you are a fan of this show like my husband & I are, you don’t want to miss the next to last episode ever, right? *sigh* So sad. 🙁 I do hope Bret Harrison finds a show that will stick around for a good long while soon. He’s fantastic and deserves it so much. I will miss this show dearly, but for now, I’ll contend myself with watching tonight’s episode, which will make my heart happy. 🙂

Tonight, after the team botches their assignment to secure KFC’s Secret Recipe, Oz orchestrates a team-building exercise, trapping the gang inside Contra Security over the weekend, forcing them to work together in order to break out of the office. Cameron’s feelings for Melanie come out in the open, and Cash becomes jealous when Josh dates a co-worker.

Don’t miss the next to last episode tonight on FOX at 9:30/8:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of Breaking In @ Clicker.

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