The Real Housewives of New York City Recap – 5/19/11

I ask myself one question after every Housewives show: Do they really not see footage from the show? And also: Does Ramona not see footage of herself? And I’m not even referring to her ‘bug eyes.’ I’m speaking of her behavior. Ramona is definitely the Queen of Denial. Anyway, enough about Ramona. For now.

I always give about 50% leeway that this is still a show on TV. How real is it? Who really knows, who really cares. I just know I love every minute of it. I have also realized that my recaps are recaps of the ladies’ behavior, and not so much about the scenarios on the show. But being critical about their behavior is a TON of fun. I’ve already started on Ramona, let’s move on to Kelly Bensimon. ( @kellybensimon )

Jump with me to read more on my thoughts on these ladies and this week’s episode.

I really don’t have a read on this girl. I tend to think that when I do have her figured out, the NY Housewives will have ‘Jumped the Shark.’ This episode, and even this whole season, she’s all about zen, right? Yet, she’s a bit of a drama queen. Her confession of having been in an abusive relationship came off as scripted to me. And maybe that’s just me, but I think an opportunity was missed for her to open up a little more and let other women know they are not alone. Knowing Kelly, at least from the show, she doesn’t think she has a responsibility to others. Fine. Nobody asked her to be a role model. I don’t even think she knows what a ‘role model’ is. And she also did the one thing that makes me want to slap her. What is it with women who can’t say the word vagina? Seriously. Get over yourself, Kelly. So you saw Sonja Morgan’s vagina, big deal. And then you act all innocent and that you have never seen another woman’s vagina before. I don’t buy that for one second. I don’t think any body does.

And speaking of Sonja’s vagina. This girl is getting on my last nerve. Sonja Morgan ( @SonjatMorgan ) is so full of herself, her head’s about to explode. Yes, she really posed ‘sexy’ on her kitchen table about cooking with a toaster oven, yet the toaster oven was nowhere in sight. And she IS the mean girl this year, and I think she likes it. Sonja, do YOU watch footage of the show and cringe? I know I would. But also in defense of her, she’s very open about being single and being very sexually active. I like that. It’s refreshing. She’s a grown ass woman. Get over it people, and by people, I mean LuAnn.

Now LuAnn de Lesseps ( @CountessLuAnn ) has rubbed me the wrong way since the first season. The moment she threw a fit that Bethenny Frankel ( @Bethenny ) introduced her to the limo driver as ‘LuAnn’ and not ‘Countess de Lesseps’ was a horrible first impression. I remember thinking, “Your life must be empty, if that’s what you’re worried about.” I will give her this though, I LOVE her hair. I love that cut, and her body is sick. That’s about it. This season, she is definitely the troublemaker. I say that with trepidation, because the scene when she was confronting Ramona and saying all those things about Jill, I would be the same way. Nobody should filter themselves around Ramona. She deserves every bit of brow beating one is willing to dole out.

And back to Ramona Singer. ( @ramonasinger ) This is another one who HAS to watch footage of herself. Right? And she STILL doesn’t see anything wrong with her behavior. Ramona! You are so mean this season! You are unbelievably narcissistic. Don’t you see that? And you are the worst at admitting when you are wrong. I wonder if your daughter is ashamed of your behavior. I know I cringe FOR her.

CIndy Barshop. ( @CindyBarshop ) I guess she is going to be coming into her own this year. She’s a little boring. Who she is and her integrity are what I want for the other Housewives. However, if that happens, there would be no Housewives show. The best part is the confessionals, the backstabbing, the betrayals … without that, the show would suck.

This episode for Alex McCord ( @mccordalex ) was kind of non-existent. I will say she HAS stepped up and stood up for herself this season. And what she said about Sonja’s abhorrent behavior during the Equality Rally was dead on. And the fact that Sonja can’t even acknowledge her own behavior speaks volumes about Sonja and gives Alex credibility. FOOTAGE, PEOPLE!!!

I guess the obvious observation about Jill Zarin ( @JillZarin ) is that she’s pretty fake. Maybe fake isn’t the correct word. She is who she is, no matter how much she wants to change. She says she is going to be different on the show this season, and she hasn’t been different at all. She falls back in to the gossiping and trash talking so easy. It’s who she is. And Jill, you should just own it. You’re a teenage girl at heart. You HAVE to be the center of attention or you cook up your own drama to MAKE yourself the center of attention. Please don’t change. You change, the show goes away. And we don’t want that.

I just want to say that my recaps of ALL the Housewives shows are going to be cynical, and critical, and maybe kind of mean. But please, ladies, don’t listen to me or take my advice. My observations may be dead on … but if you become better people, I won’t have a recap to write. 🙂

The Real Housewives of New York City airs on Thursdays on Bravo at 10/9c.


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