The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap – 5/23/11

The question of the day is this: Are you Team Teresa? or Team Melissa? If you’re Team Teresa, I don’t get it. Especially knowing Teresa’s history and her abhorrent behavior on the show for two seasons. In a nutshell, last night was Teresa blaming everybody else for her and her disgusting husband’s behavior.

First thing I want to acknowledge is her tirade at Kathy Wakile about Teresa abandoning her children during the fight at the Christening. Teresa, YOU DID leave that baby unattended, and Kathy DID grab her AND Gia and got them out-of-the-way. And if anyone watched the after show Watch What Happens: Live with Andy Cohen, he missed a golden opportunity to call her out on it. There IS footage of this incident. Teresa acted as if she were Mother Teresa, and that there was NO WAY she would leave those girls unattended. Well Teresa, ya did.

Jump with me to see what else I had to say about last night’s episode.

And lo and behold, it’s the return of Kim G. As a human being, she is awful. For TV, she’s fantastic. I can’t think of anybody else in the history of reality television that is as two-faced and as backstabbing as Kim G. No integrity, and no dignity. And I don’t think she cares one bit. She wants camera time, and that’s it. I would love to sit down with Kim G. and confront her on everything. I bet in next week’s episode, she’s Teresa and Jacqueline’s best friend.

Okay, here’s my take on the whole Teresa vs. Joe/Melissa deal. I don’t like Teresa. I thought she was even worse than Danielle Staub. At least Danielle was up front about her financial woes. Teresa acted as if she was worth over 100 Million dollars. To watch her spend like she did, on things that were obviously unnecessary, and then file for bankruptcy for ELEVEN MILLION dollars was revolting. And for her to say she had no idea is a lie. She’s lying. And when her icky husband, Joe, called her brother a midget, she said the same thing she always says, “Oh that’s how they talk, they were just being funny, blah, blah, blah.” She said the same thing in season one when Joe called the dance instructor a gaywad. I am not a fan of people who can’t own their behavior. She makes excuses for everything, and blames everyone else for her and her husband’s behavior. No integrity.

As for Joe and Melissa Gorga, they both are a little dramatic. Maybe they are playing up to the camera, maybe they are a little fake, who knows. All I know is I am NOT Team Teresa.

Caroline and Jacqueline – still kind of boring this week. I do think that Caroline’s children are lucky to have her as a mother. I’m sure all three know that. Jacqueline is trying so hard to be more assertive, but she’s still a doormat. Poor girl. Maybe both their storylines will get more exciting. However, I would be just as happy if all episodes were just about Teresa, Melissa, Kathy, and all 500 Joes.

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2 Responses to The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap – 5/23/11

  1. lbryant936 says:

    You are the epitome of an idiot.

    WTH – Melissa and Joe are a “little” dramatic? Newsflash – Joey did everything but blow an artery during the “celebration”. Sweet little Melissa knowing that her perfect husband was steadily getting more drunk by every second just kept making jab after jab after jab at her husband Joey about how horrible his sister and her husband was. Sweet little Melissa knows how work him and she definitely pushed his every button that night to instigate all of the fighting. She is on the show for one reason and one reason only and that is to launch her singing career. You said about Teresa, “She makes excuses for everything, and blames everyone else for her and her husband’s behavior. No integrity. Um, well, that is exactly what Melissa did about the war at the celebration. She said it was all Teresa and Joe’s fault. I don’t think so. It was evident to most everyone who watched that Teresa did not cause that fiasco. She is a worthless piece of trash and you two should get along swimmingly.
    BTW – I am not team Teresa either but from what I am seeing on my end, I am definitely not team Joey, Melissa or Kathy either. To say that Teresa is worse than Danielle is just a totally stupid remark. Danielle was not up front about her financial woes either – but you are probably proud of her for her x-rated videos and her stripping jobs. Thumbs up!! You call yourself a writer? Come on, get your head out of your a$$ and watch the show without your rose colored glasses.

  2. Kari says:

    I agree with everything you about Teresa – she DID leave her baby unattended. She later admitted “blacking out” at the christening. She basically lost it and forgot about her kids.

    Teresa’s voice sounds like Fran Drescher’s (aka The Nanny). I don’t know that I’d say she’s worse than Danielle Staub, but they are both abhorrent.

    Why Lbryant is bashing you by calling you an idiot and saying you should get along swimmingly with a worthless piece of trash is beyond me – sounds like Lbryant is being a little dramatic, and he/she is probably from Jersey.