The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap – 5/22/11

Warning: This is not really a recap, per se. More of an observation of the ladies this season thus far. It is a little mean, but please comment and tell me what you guys think of the OC Housewives and what’s been going on with them and their behavior this season!

One thing is for certain. Thank God for my DVR. As I was enjoying the night of my life at a Bon Jovi concert in St. Louis, the First Ladies of Bravo were just being the great, self-absorbed women of the OC. For this ‘recap,’ I felt compelled to write each lady a personal letter. And I really do feel the NEED.

Dear Gretchen Rossi: ( @GretchenRossi ) For two seasons, everyone was on your side. Why? Because you took the high road. This season, you have now become one of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Cunning, gossipy, mean, and very self-absorbed. Congratulations. You are coming off very full of yourself. The success of the show has gone to your head, and you’ve lost that “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this treatment” sympathy. Now you are that mean girl. Is is Slade? Three seasons? Who knows. I was afraid this would happen, but anybody can be corrupted by ‘fame.’ You’re no different.

For more letters to the ladies, jump with me.

Dear Tamra Barney: ( @TamraBarney ) Every few seasons or so, the mean girl nobody likes finally has a season where she garners the sympathy from the viewers and the people get on your side and have your back. This seems to be your season. Vicki’s was last year. Since you’ve been on the show, I’ve been consistently screaming at the TV yelling at you to get away from Simon. He was toxic. Last season, I could have strangled him myself. So mean and verbally abusive. So maybe my sympathy for you came from that. You have been the most backstabbing, gossipy, fake OC Housewife since you started. But this year, I believe everyone has your back. We’ll see. Thumbs up for the preview of next week. Throwing a drink in Jeana’s face is priceless.

Dear Vicki Gunvalson: ( @VGunvalson ) It is so hard for me to conjure up any kind of sympathy for you, which is ironic, because all you want is sympathy and attention. The only thing I think of when I think of you is, ‘GROW UP.’ You act like such a baby. You try so hard to portray yourself as this working woman bringing home the bacon, when all I see is you saying, “feel sorry for me, pay attention to me, look at me!” Look at me. – Good Lord lady. Get rid of that inner child of yours, she’s annoying. And poor Don. He deserves to be happy. You take him for granted and walk all over him. And I hope you actually take some responsibility for your divorce. But knowing you, it’s all Don’s fault. Right?

Dear Alexis Bellino: ( @AlexisBellino ) Where do I begin with you? First thing that comes to mind is ‘Christian hypocrite.’ Another word that comes to mind is ‘fake.’ But if you weren’t fake, you wouldn’t be on the show. Your mean-spirited, almost misogynistic husband is a little gross. HE is a bigger hypocrite than you are. In my 37 years of existence, the words ‘I would never let you go …’ has NEVER come out of a partner’s mouth. NEVER. My ex husband never even came close to saying something like that. I take serious issue with you, because young girls may be watching this show, and you are beyond a poor role model. If I had a daughter, I definitely would watch you with her and use you as an example of what NOT to be as a young woman. And quite frankly, maybe … MAYBE I would take your Bible-quoting a little more serious if you actually lived a life of what you are quoting. THAT’S my issue. Maybe you’ll see footage of your two seasons and see why I say that. But I don’t think your husband will let you.

Dear Peggy Tanous: ( @PeggyTanous ) You pretty much remind me of Gretchen’s first season. You haven’t done anything to be ‘hated’ yet. But pay attention to Gretchen this year. She’s becoming a mean girl, and I see that she’s liking every minute of it. The ‘fame’ has gone to her head, and she is changing before our eyes. VERY self-absorbed. So … FAIR WARNING!!

FYI: I am WELL AWARE this ‘recap’ was mean and harsh. But watching the show on Sunday, this is what I was compelled to write. It does seem like the real interesting episode is next week. I promise, no personal letters to the ladies. 🙂

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