American Idol Top 2 – 5/24/11

What a season it’s been on American Idol, and it all comes to a head this week! Tonight, Scotty and Lauren battle it out to gain America’s votes, and hopefully be named the American Idol. Each contestant got to sing three songs, one of their choice, one chosen by their idol, and finally, the first single they’d release. I was happy that Lauren actually showed up for the show tonight, after having some vocal issues earlier and there being talk of Haley stepping in. I wouldn’t have enjoyed that at all!

Enough rambling for now. Let’s see how it played out tonight.

Scotty McCreery
My Thoughts: This may not have been my choice of all the songs he’s sung this season, but it’s definitely fun to watch. I love how strong his voice comes across in this song, but it doesn’t show off all of his ability. We don’t get judges comments on this round.

Lauren Alaina
Flat on the Floor
My Thoughts: I don’t like that outfit she’s wearing at all; it’s a little gawdy. Wardrobe aside, considering she was having vocal issues, it was fabulous. It was another fun song, and I can see why Lauren chose this song. The judges went a little overboard with the standing ovation, but I assume that was because of how well she did, considering her vocal issues.

Scotty McCreery
Check Yes or No (Chosen by his idol, George Strait)
My Thoughts: I thought it was a little wrong for him to pick his own song for Scotty, but maybe it was George’s way of complimenting Scotty. I do love this song a lot, but I don’t think it was the best choice to showcase his voice. He did really well with what he was given, and it was nice to see him with his guitar. Still no comments from the judges yet.

Lauren Alaina
Maybe It Was Memphis (picked for her by her idol Carrie Underwood)
My Thoughts: This outfit was way better, very country belle. I really enjoyed her voice on this song. It was better than the first song, and you can barely tell that she’s not well.
Judges: We finally hear from the judges, and they give us a run down of their opinions so far. It seems that Randy and Jennifer are giving round 1 to Scotty and Round 2 to Lauren. Steven is giving both rounds to Lauren, because she’s prettier.

Scotty McCreery
I Love You This Big (The debut single for Scotty)
My Thoughts: It’s kind of a childish sounding title, but it actually fits for our little Curious George. I have to admit, I think it’s a really cute country song, reminding me of something that Paul Brandt would sing. He did well, and I enjoyed hearing his range more than usual. One thing that he has to stop doing, though, is making those ridiculous faces all the time.
Judges: Randy really loved it, Jennifer thinks it was amazing, and Steven thinks he nailed it again.

Lauren Alaina
Like My Mother Does
My Thoughts: That was an amazing song, and really heart-warming. She was really belting it out, and it was pretty outstanding. She looks beautiful, and I admire the great relationship she has with her mom. I think that she could have tipped a few scales in her favour tonight.
Judges: Randy thinks it was amazing. Jennifer thinks that this song could have won it for her. Steven thinks she’s his American Idol and that America will figure that out.

Well, the judges are calling Lauren as the winner tonight, but I think it’s incredibly close and hard to call. They were both really good, but I think that Scotty was at a disadvantage with the last song, because Lauren’s song was amazing, and his was just another song. I think it was really cute how Scotty and Lauren were whispering back and forth at the end. Those two might be a love match yet. 😉 Tune in tomorrow at 8/7c to see who takes the crown.

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