Two Fun Projects for Bones Fans!

If you’re a fan of FOX’s Bones, you know the last two episodes of this last season were huge in terms of where they characters would be next season. Vincent Nigel Murray, one of the great squinterns at the Jeffersonian was killed, Angela & Hodgins had their baby, and apparently Booth and Bones had some consolation sex after VNM died, because in the very last seconds, we found out Bones is pregnant with Booth’s baby. To celebrate the great fans from round the world and the lives lost and gained on the show at the end of the season, some of the fans have put together two Fan Projects.

Project One is “It’s a Bones World After All,” which is a photo-mosaic map, using pictures of all of the fans. They are compiling emails from fan world-wide, and once made, fans will be able to order from a nice list of products (such as poster, mousepad, etc) on Snapfish. They also plan to have one poster made to give to Hart Hanson (the evil mastermind behind the show) and his cohorts at Comic-Con this summer. Deadline to send in your email is June 30.

Project Two is the Bones Baby Book, which will be pictures that fans send in of themselves as babies, with their birthdays (month & day, year not needed 😉 ), made to look like a yearbook or baby book. As a combination/side project, they are also asking fans to donate to Shriner’s Pediatric Hospital and/or Stand Up To Cancer, as a way of throwing a baby shower for the new parents and parents-to-be. They link to both on their site, and the money will go directly to the organizations, not through their hands. At Comic-Con, they plan to present a baby book to Hart Hanson & crew, as well as a total of the money donated. Deadline for this is also June 30, so check it out now!

You can find more info on each of those on Thnx4theGum’s Tumblr: Project Bones

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