Favorite and Least Favorite Finales of 2010/2011

It’s been an interesting May sweeps for us, where some of our favorite shows had mediocre finales, but some of our other favorites knocked it out of the park. To transition from last season to the summer shows, we thought that we would talk about our top finales, as well as our least favorites. Warning: you may be spoiled if you haven’t watched these finales yet!
The first five are our top favorites, from fifth to first, our most favorite.

#5 Favorite Finale

Jenny's Choice: Nikita
I watched Nikita off and on throughout the season, but in the end, the season went out with a bang. Things are up in the air with Percy, Amanda is taking over Division and has recruited a newly vengeful (or, well, now out in the open with her vengeance and is now working against Nikita), and Nikita and Michael, after being nearly killed and held hostage respectively, escaped and are on the run with one of the all important black boxes. Next season should be VERY interesting, seeing how Amanda in charge will change the game and seeing what Michael and Nikita do now that they are together and against everyone they know.
Megan's Choice: Glee
This finale wasn't perfect, but it was great in my eyes. I really enjoyed how, while in New York, Kurt and Rachel did a duet on the stage of Wicked and had breakfast at Tiffany's. Finn and Rachel declaring their love for each other was long overdue. The ill-timed kiss at Nationals may have cost their team being in the top 10, but no one will ever know for sure. Blaine telling Kurt he loved him, and Kurt saying it in return, was adorable. Meanwhile, there is an obvious relationship brewing between Sam and Mercedes, although I can see why they'd want to keep their relationship secret for now. Let's see where all these relationships go next season and hope that Ryan Murphy doesn't mess with them too much.

Jump with us to see our other favorite finales, as well as our least faves!

#4 Favorite Finale

Jenny's Choice: The Mentalist
The Mentalist has been one of my favorite shows since its beginning. The overall arc of the show has been Patrick Jane's obsession with finding his family's killer, the man who goes by Red John. This season brought us a lot closer to learning the identity, as Jane worked to find the mole in the building. I had my suspicions about who the mole was, and even the identity of Red John, and until the finale itself, I was off base completely. I did think Van Pelt's FBI fiance was too perfect... until the episode where he froze to keep her from being shot. But until the finale, it really hadn't crossed my mind at all that he might be involved with Red John. My husband & I came to the conclusion that he was the mole a few minutes before they revealed it on the show. It was heartbreaking to watch Van Pelt's reaction when she figured out he didn't really love her and when he took the necklace back. Then... when Jane sat down to speak with the man we quickly learned was Red John himself, and then watched him SHOOT Red John, my jaw dropped and I couldn't believe what I'd seen. It'll be VERY interesting to see where the show goes next season, because Jane will have to go to trial. He shot a man in front of a bunch of witnesses, after all! The tension in this episode was great the entire way through, and the wrap up to the Red John case was very satisfying, which is why it makes my list of Top 5 finales.
Megan's Choice: Hawaii Five-0
When I found out at the beginning of the season that Alex O'Loughlin was coming back to my television, it didn't matter to me what the show was about. I was going to give it a chance. I'm so thankful that not only did I enjoy seeing O'Loughlin weekly, I loved the series. All season, Steve (O'Loughlin) has been searching to find out who is responsible for his father's death, all the while fighting crime to keep his island happy. Be careful what you wish for, because Steve learns about the Govenor and her part in his father's murder. After sneaking into the Governor's mansion to prove he was right about her involvement, Wo Fat shows up and shoots the Governor. Well, of course, the police show up and don't believe he didn't do it, and they arrest him. Kono was arrested with the idea that maybe she took the money, while Chin Ho went bck to the police force. Danny was supposed to meet his pregnant ex-wife at the airport to leave Hawaii, and he didn't make it, so they left without him. I can't wait until next season to see what happens to everyone--especially Steve. 😀

#3 Favorite Finale

Jenny's Choice: Blue Bloods
When Blue Bloods started, we were immediately introduced to the idea that there was a secret group of police officers, who might have started out doing what they felt was right, but who were now just corrupt cops turned murderers, who had killed the Reagans' middle son, Joe. Youngest son, Jamie, was approached by the FBI and told Joe had been working undercover to bring the Blue Templar down, and they believed he was killed because of it. They asked Jamie to take over where his brother left off. Throughout the season, that was a quiet, recurring storyline, almost always just in the background with a mention or two every so often to let us know they (the producers) and Jamie hadn't forgotten about it. Toward the end of the season, things started heating up regarding that storyline: Jamie's gun was stolen from his police locker (which, seems stupid to me...they just leave their guns in their lockers??) and his breaks were tampered with, causing him to crash his car and nearly get killed driving through busy traffic. It was just after that stuff happened that he confided in older brother, Danny (the sexy Donny Wahlberg), and then his father (just as sexy Tom Selleck), grandfather, and sister. They worked hard together with a few close associates/friends to bring down the Blue Templar in an action-packed season finale that brought a fantastic resolution to the Blue Templar storyline and the entire season.
Megan's Choice: The Mentalist
The Mentalist had a very solid season, which kept us on the edge of our seats most of the time. Red John's mole was discovered, and it turned out to be Van Pelt's fiance. Later, Patrick Jane finally got to come face to face with Red John himself, and Jane proved how ruthless and determined he was when it came to getting revenge on the man who murdered his wife. Jane shot Red John, and then sat down to finish his tea in the food court. The fact that he finally got closure on that part of his life was a perfect ending.

#2 Favorite Finale

Jenny's Choice: NCIS: LA
NCIS: LA has been consistently strong since its very first episode. One of the storylines that we learned early on was about Callen's history. He was a foster kid, didn't know anything about his family, and didn't even know his real first name. Over the last two seasons, we've learned little bits and pieces, and during the season finale, we learned that he has definite ties to the Comescu family. At the very end of the episode, we learn from Hetty (the fantastic Linda Hunt) that she IS a member of the Comescu family. She has the tattoo to prove it. Whether that is a ploy or the real deal, I'm sure we'll learn next season. But it was interesting to see Callen remembering things from his childhood as he walked out onto the beach when he and the rest of the team resigned from NCIS and went overseas to Europe to track down Hetty. There wasn't much of the funny this show regularly brings, but the storylines were emotional and intense from the get-go, which is something NCIS: LA does well. All in all, I finished watching this finale and was shocked and excited about where they will go next season.
Megan's Choice: Blue Bloods
This freshman drama was the dark horse of the television season. It started a little slow, but picked up speed and ended this season with a bang. I love the Reagan family. How could you not, when it's made up of such strong, attractive people? When Jamie finally decides to admit to his family the truth about taking over the investigation into the Blue Templar that his brother Joe died while doing, in true Reagan style, they band together, and obviously, save the day. The best part was when Frank (Tom Selleck) demanded to know who killed his son Joe, and when he didn't get an answer, he smashed some glasses and demanded again. It was a great, pivotal moment. The truth was discovered, and the dirty cops were arrested, giving us a great conclusion to the season's mystery. I'm looking forward to seeing where they go with the show next season. Aren't you?
And our picks for our favorite finale for 2010/2011 are…

#1 Favorite Finale

Jenny's Choice: Castle
The mark of a good season finale is one that keeps you on the edge of your seat, wraps up at least some of the questions posed throughout the season (without answering EVERYTHING), and makes you remember the storyline, even weeks later. Castle? It did just that. From the first scene, where Beckett is removing her necklace and remembering past interaction with the hired gun, Hal Lockwood, while getting ready to visit said hitman in prison, to the last, where Beckett has been shot and Castle says he loves her, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. The storyline with Beckett's mother's murder has been ongoing for years now, and this season finale answered a lot of questions, without giving us the biggest piece of the puzzle: the man behind it all. We learned the Captain was the 3rd cop, but we also know he wasn't a true bad guy in it all, and he gave up his life to protect Beckett and take down the escaped Lockwood. The whole episode was fantastic, but the best parts had to be the scenes at the airfield, where Castle hauls Beckett away, screaming and crying, and holds her against the car while the Captain confronts Lockwood, and the aforementioned end, at Captain Montgomery's funeral, where Beckett was shot as she gave her eulogy. Obviously, Beckett isn't going to die, but the questions remain: Who shot her, and who is the big bad behind Lockwood and the new shooter? We have to wait until next season to find out, but even now, I still get the shivers every time I think of those scenes from that fantastic finale.
Megan's Choice: NCIS: LA
I loved the finale of NCIS: LA, because it was so intense. Hetty did what she does best: protect the ones she loved. I also loved how the team stuck together, even if it meant turning in their badges to the Director. Special mention to the sexual tension between Deeks and Kensi, because it was fierce during this episode. The final scene, when Hetty revealed that she was a family member of the European crime family, and also when we saw Callen remember something about the very tattoo that is on Hetty's arm, were sooo delicious. I can't wait to see where they take the story next season.
The next picks are our Honorable Mentions. These shows are ones we felt were good episodes, but for some reason or another, made pretty crappy season or series finales.

#2 Honorable Mention Finale

Jenny's Choice: One Tree Hill
I almost included One Tree Hill on my favorites list. It really was a very good episode. Brooke and Julian learned just an episode before they were pregnant, (which was a miracle, since Brooke was supposed to be unable to have children), and in the finale, we saw the progression of her pregnancy, all the way through the birth of their little one. Nathan made as much peace with his father (by giving him Jamie's baseball and the picture of his new daughter, Lydia) as he will ever make. Nathan and Haley's kids are growing up, healthy and happy. Nathan and Clay's business was flourishing, as was Clay and Quinn's relationship. Chase went off to join the Air Force the episode before, and in the finale, he returned, surprising Chuck and forging ahead in a relationship with Alex. Mouth and Milli are happy together. Brooke and Haley reopened Karen's Cafe. Everything was picture perfect for everyone. ... Which means, where do they go next season?! This was the perfect series finale. It wrapped up all stories and characters (with the exception of Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray), and had very sweet moments for everyone. It was a very enjoyable episode, but it closed way too many doors to make me dying to see next season.
Megan's Choice: CSI: NY
CSI: NY earns my first honorable mention, because it was a great episode, but not for a season finale. It felt more like a series finale. I know that the writers were just trying to give us closure on our characters, but I feel like they've written themselves into a corner. I love that Mac closed the case that has been haunting him since he took over the unit, but now what? On that note, now that Danny is a sergeant, where does that leave him and the team? Truth be told, I just think that they should have left it at this episode and not tried to get renewed. CSI: NY has had a great run, and I just hope that they can find it in them to be good next season, or I won't be watching.


#1 Honorable Mention Finale

Jenny's Choice: Bones
I love Bones. It's truly one of my favorite shows. And honestly, the season finale was a very good, cute episode. I think they should have combined the episode where Vincent Nigel Murray died with Angela giving birth, and made that the season finale, because that was such a powerful episode. Let me break it down as to why this is my pick for Honorable Mention, rather than on my favorites or least favorites list. The case: Everything about the bowling alley was fantastic. Booth and Brennan undercover is always fantastic fun, and this was no exception. It was great seeing Max again, and seeing him help them solve the case. The team: How cute was the whole storyline about Hodgins and Angela having their baby, and the reactions of Cam and Wendell as Angela & Hodgins tried to help solve the case from the hospital in the middle of labor? It was one of my favorite parts of the episode.

And then we come to... Booth & Bones: Apparently they had sex after VNM's death. Or at some point since. We don't know. What we DO know is that Brennan is pregnant, Booth is the father, and from his smile, he's happy about it. We have no idea how the others will react to the news, we have no idea what kind of relationship they have had since the episode before the finale (aside from having slept together at least once), and since we will come back next season having jumped several months into the future, we're not likely to find out the answers to any of those questions. Yes, they are together, @HartHanson and @squarechicken have said on Twitter and in interviews. But... I feel cheated. I feel cheated that we go from them denying being more than just partners, to having a baby, without seeing them in a romantic relationship without a baby/pregnancy between them. I feel cheated that we won't get to see (unless we get flashbacks, which I doubt, because I don't think they do that...) the reactions to the news from Pops, Max, and Parker, especially. Am I happy they are together? Heck, yeah. I'm even happy they are having a baby, because I think it could bring out some great storylines. But again, I feel cheated. 🙁
Megan's Choice: Off the Map
Now, Off the Map was a much better show than people gave it credit for, and I believe it could have really gone places, but now we'll never know. That's why the season finale (now series finale), is on my list of honorable mentions. The episode was a kick ass season finale, but as a SERIES finale, it sucked. We're left with the following scenarios: Mateo is at death's door, and Lily is trying to help save him, in the field by his cocaine farm. Tommy confesses to Mina that he loves her, while he's comforting her after her bad day. We're left with her shocked expression as they are still wrapped in an embrace. Ben has asked his friend to find Ryan a heart on the black market. Otis decides to become a citizen of the country they're in, to show Zee that he's in this for the long haul. Now what? Will Mateo live ? Will Mina and Tommy give a relationship a try? What will happen when Ryan finds out the heart she gets is from a person who was murdered? I am so upset that these cliff-hangers will never be solved, and all because ABC didn't get behind a series that just needed a little longer to find it's footing. Okay, rant over, but I'm going to miss this show. 🙁
The last group of picks are our least favorite finales. Jenny really only strongly disliked 2, while Megan disliked 3 (Jenny has pretty much stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy, so… she MIGHT have picked it, from what it sounds like, had she watched! lol).

#3 Least Favorite Finale

Megan's Choice: NCIS
I'm not sure why they felt this was a good a season finale, because it wasn't. There were some decent moments, like ending where Tony was given a special assignment by the new SecNav, and it involves finding out who is selling U.S. secrets. When Tony opened that folder, the look was shock and dismay, so who could it be? That's a decent cliff-hanger, but not excellent.

One of the things I take issue with was how long the episode dragged on the eventual killing of the Port-to-Port Killer (Cobb). It felt like they were trying to make a huge deal out of it, but it ending up falling short. The killing of Cobb was anti-climatic--no expert shot, or anything. Just a showering of bullets. That was crap. Overall, I just feel that considering some of the past season finales NCIS has had, this one just wasn't up to par.

#2 Least Favorite Finale

Jenny's & Megan's Choice: Criminal Minds
Jenny: It's no secret that Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows. But this season, especially the 2nd half of the season, has been lackluster. The storyline earlier in the season with Prentiss was good, but overall, it's just been... bleh. I'm a huge Morgan/Garcia fan, but I've given up hope that there will ever be anything real between them on the show. Earlier in the season, we got some cute, and even some squee-worthy, moments between the two of them, but those have all but puttered out. 🙁 And with the moments between Garcia and Kevin Lynch in the season finale, what little hope I had left virtually disappeared. As for the case, it was...forgettable. In fact, I honestly couldn't remember what it was about until I read Megan's post. When I think about it, it wasn't a horrible case. I guessed before getting confirmation that the sickly looking skinny woman was the boss, but having Rossi keep Morgan from getting killed, and then vice versa at the end was cool. One reason the finale was such a let down for me was it didn't live up to the hype at all. From everything I'd read and heard, major change was coming to the team. All we got regarding that was at the beginning of the ep, with the team gathered and being told to expect phone calls and that they would be given the option to stay or leave, and then the one minute appearance of JJ (AJ Cook) at the end of the episode. It was a huge let down. 🙁

Megan: Everyone knows that I love Criminal Minds, but this season finale disappointed me. The female unsub that controlled all the men was a nice twist, but it wasn't a case worthy of a season finale. I always look forward to the Morgan/Garcia moments in the big episodes, and I didn't get a good one. Instead, we got Garcia listening to Kevin (Nicholas Brendan) making plans about their future. 🙁 I adore Brendan, (come on people, it's Xander!), but I do NOT like the character of Kevin, who for some strange reason came across really odd in this episode. (Was that just me?) The best part of the whole episode was when we saw JJ (AJ Cook) at the end of the episode, and she confirmed she's coming back... but we already knew that. *Sigh* The writers had better step it up next season, or the show is going to go down fast!

#1 Least Favorite Finale

Jenny's Choice: NCIS
I have to admit, as much as I enjoy the original NCIS, I didn't enjoy the Port-to-Port Killer storyline much at all. Having a "big bad" didn't have anything to do with it, because I don't mind that aspect of it. But it brought in the new guys, including NCIS Special Agent E.J. Barrett, who Tony began seeing. I dunno why, but I just didn't like her much. She irritated me a LOT, for some reason. Another thing I didn't like about the finale and the Port-to-Port Killer was how it ended. I get that there was a big reason for Jonas Cobb to turn himself in, but as Megan mentioned, it was...very anticlimactic. Yeah, he escaped, but... I dunno. It just bored me. For such a long, drawn-out story about the serial killer, the ending was so abrupt and so... I dunno, almost un-thought out. I was disappointed by the season finale of this show more than any other show this season.
Megan's Choice: Grey's Anatomy
I always hate when one of my favorite shows fails to 'wow' me, and unfortunately, that's what Grey's Anatomy did. I'll even go so far as to say that some of the storylines downright PISSED me off! *deep breath* Why can't Shonda just leave Mer/Der in happy land until next season? It's obvious she can't, because just when they finally get married for real, instead of just a post-it, she turns their marriage upside down and leaves Meredith to take home their newly adopted child by herself. Lame. Alex is one of my favorite characters, because he's so tough on the outside, but a marshmallow on the inside. That's why I found the storyline of him turning Meredith in for cheating in the trial was so hard to believe. He wouldn't sell his friend out like that, even to better himself. That was the major problem with this finale. It had so many unbelievable character moments that it lost its way. In closing, let me say that making April the chief resident seemed like a last ditch attempt to make her character relevant, but in the process, I think it's going to make people dislike her more.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our rankings, and what finales met, exceeded, or fell short of your expectations! Comment below and let us know!

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3 Responses to Favorite and Least Favorite Finales of 2010/2011

  1. Kyle says:

    Shocked to see Glee in a top 5 list–I thought that the NYC was universally hated by everyone. I really liked The Mentalist, Bones and Castle finales. Community also had a fun finale with the two-part paintball episode. I would have also loved the V finale if the show was actually coming back, but the writing was on the wall, and the show knew they weren’t coming back, so it would have been better to get a resolution rather than a massive cliffhanger.
    Agree with the Off The Map finale (maybe not top 5, but still satisfying). Not sure why there was so much hate for that show!
    Also agree with the dislike of the Grey’s finale (and I’ll add Private Practice as well). What a let down compared to past finales! Where’s the shocking cliffhanger?!

  2. Megan says:

    Glee is there for me because I love that show, and while the episode had it’s weak points, it was overall really good. I was more interested in the relationship stuff anyways. I’m a shipper. Plus it wouldn’t have been NY without the Kurt/Rachel duet on the Wicked set. 🙂

    Off the Map deserved an honourable mention, and I don’t get all the hate for that show either. We gave Private Practice a chance why not one more season for Off the Map.

    Grey’s let me down a lot this season, and I’m hoping they can pick it up again next season. Private Practice was just a mixed up season as a whole.

    Thanks for reading. 🙂

  3. Jenny says:

    Yeah, I heard Community was good. I don’t watch it, though, so… heh