If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/27/11

What did everyone think of last night’s season premiere of True Blood? It was intense and slightly confusing, wasn’t it? I’m so excited that the summer season of television is under full swing, and the shows are really bringing the entertainment so far. Let’s see what there is to watch tonight, shall we?

Megan’s Choice

This season of MasterChef has been really good so far, although there are a few of the contestants who drive me insane! First off, there’s the rich boy Max, who is so pompous that I want to reach through the TV and slap him. Next, we have Max’s rival, Suzy, who I also find incredibly arrogant. It’s a bit insane how much alike these two actually are. Despite my annoyance with Max and Suzy, there are a few I really enjoy. I’m really enjoying Christian, because he’s really heartfelt. Ben is also really amusing because of his exhuberance and silly hats.

On tonight’s episode, the top 15 take to the kitchen to prove they have what it takes to be a MasterChef.

Tune in to FOX at 9/8c to watch these aspiring chefs battle it out. Learn where to find episodes online of MasterChef @ Clicker.

Jump ahead to see what Lisa and Kyle think you should be watching.

Lisa’s Choice

Haven’t caught on to the new show Switched at Birth on ABC Family? Then you’re missing out on a show that not only the whole family can watch, but a show that is not your average teenage drama. Maybe you’ve imagined switching places with someone else, or even wondered if you really belong in your own family? Well, for Bay and Daphne, it turned into a reality, and both of them, plus their families, have been thrown into a tailspin. Lives have literally been turned upside down, and watching everyone struggle to deal with this monumental event has been captivating and heartbreaking, all at the same time.

Tonight, tensions continue to fester, while Kathryn hosts the annual school benefit at the Kennish residence, where her new family becomes quite the spectacle for all of Mission Hills to gossip about. Toby and his friend Wilke’s (Austin Butler) band are stoked to perform at the benefit, but they’re in need of a drummer. Enter Daphne’s deaf friend Emmett. Can he really play the drums? As the night continues, Daphne becomes faced with a heartbreaking decision: choose between a family she barely knows and an exciting new love interest who makes her feel that being deaf isn’t really an issue. Meanwhile, Melody (guest star Marlee Matlin) and John appear to be establishing quite the bond during the benefit. Rumors continue to fly about the family’s real situation, and Kathryn has a difficult time accepting her husband’s brand new friend. Making matters worse is Regina, who has accepted a dinner invitation from the ex-husband of one of Kathryn’s best friends.

Watch an all new episode at 9/8c on ABC Family! Learn where to find episodes online of Switched at Birth @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice

Over the weekend, I re-watched the entire sixth season of Weeds on Blu-ray in preparation for tonight’s season 7 premiere. If you had asked me last year at this time how I felt about Weeds returning, I would have had my doubts, due to the lackluster fourth and fifth seasons. However, for the sixth season, Weeds returned to its comedy roots, giving us a wonderfully fun and suspenseful season, and I’m hoping that momentum continues tonight. When we last saw the Botwins…err…Newmans, “Plan C” had resulted in Nancy, holding baby Stevie, being arrested by the FBI at the airport while Silas, Shane, and Andy were on a plane bound for Copenhagen. This show does a good job reinventing itself each year, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how Nancy gets out of this and reunites with the family.

Tonight’s episode, “Bags,” takes place 3 years later, and finds Andy, Silas, Shane, and Doug learning of Nancy’s release and transfer to a halfway house in New York City.

Check out the season premiere tonight on Showtime at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Weeds @ Clicker.

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4 Responses to If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/27/11

  1. Kyle says:

    I actually like Max on MasterChef–he’s one of the people I’m rooting for! 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    I can’t stand him. If he’s not careful he’s going to choke on his silver spoon.

  3. Kyle says:

    For the most part Max does have the culinary skills to back up his arrogance (despite last night’s abomination). One thing I don’t like is when his immaturity shines through as he laughs while others are getting bad critiques.

  4. Megan says:

    I’ll agree he has skills, but they are useless at impressing me because of his attitude. The smirking laugh he does at the bad critiques is just the beginning. I was giggling when his dish sucked so bad last night. Happy times for me. 🙂