If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/4/11

Happy 4th of July to all our American readers! What are your plans for the day? Me? I’m going to spend time catching up on TV with my husband, play board games & cards with him and our kiddo, go grocery shopping for the week, and then cook ribs & potato salad for dinner. It should be a good day! Still, being a holiday, there’s not a lot on tonight, so I don’t really have anything I’m saying, “You must watch this!” Megan, Lisa, & Kyle do, though, so check it out below! – Jenny

Lisa’s Choice

Their lives were turned upside down when they learned that they were switched at birth. For Daphne and Bay, the life they used to lead is now gone. In its place is a world full of confusion and shock. One lived their life with their single mother in a middle class neighborhood; the other lived a more wealthy life with two parents. Now, Daphne and Bay have to figure out which end is up and what family really means. Switched at Birth has quickly become another one of ABC Family’s huge breakout shows that you can’t live without on Monday nights.

Tonight, after being caught sneaking out to be with Ty, the Kennishes force Bay to invite him over for dinner. Knowing that this dinner was going to be an interrogation, Bay tries to prepare on every level, but nothing can actually prepare her for the secret that Ty ends up revealing. Meanwhile, Toby recruits Daphne and Emmett to help him out with winning a game of poker. However, unbeknownst to them, this is a high stakes game of poker and Toby may be in some serious trouble financially. Meanwhile, with pressure to help her new brother, Daphne becomes conflicted when her morals start to outweigh her loyalty.

Watch an all new episode on ABC Family at 8/7c! Learn where to find episodes online of Switched at Birth @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what Megan & Kyle recommend.

Last week on Weeds, we discover what the main characters has been up to in the 3-year gap between the seasons. Nancy is released from prison to a halfway house in NYC, and her former cellmate gives her the key to a trunk full of weapons. Nancy’s sister is raising her baby as her own. In Denmark, Andy and Doug have become tour guides, Shane is a ladies man/puppeteer, and Silas is a model. When Shane hears the news of his mother’s release, he tries to gather the family back together to head to New York. So far, the season is off to a fun, interesting start, and it looks like weapons dealing will most likely become the new family business. I have heard some recent talk that this may be the show’s final season, so I hope they plan accordingly and go all out!

In tonight’s episode, “From Trauma Cometh Something,” Nancy tries to get her life back in New York City; Andy and Shane arrive unexpectedly; Silas begins a modeling career; Doug looks up an old friend.

See tonight’s new episode on Showtime at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Weeds @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice

Happy 4th of July to everyone! A lot of shows are not going to have new episodes tonight due to the holiday, but Teen Wolf isn’t letting us down. The past few episodes of Teen Wolf have been fabulous. It’s a great new show to whet your supernatural whistle. Not to mention, it’s full of attractive people to look at. 😉 I’m also loving having Tyler Hoechlin back on my television… I’ve definitely missed him since his days on 7th Heaven.

On tonight’s episode, Scott tries to control his transformation so he can spend more time with Allison. Elsewhere, Derek continues trying to make an ally of Scott.

Tune in to MTV at 10/9c to get your howl on. You won’t be sorry. 😀 Learn where to find episodes online of Teen Wolf @ Clicker.

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