Interview with Aaron Ashmore, Eddie McClintock, Saul Rubinek, Allison Scagliotti, & Executive Producer Jack Kenny from Warehouse 13 Part 4

This is part 4 of the Warehouse 13 Q&A, with Saul Rubinek, Eddie McClintock, & Allison Scagliotti. If you missed parts 1, 2, & 3, check them out HERE (Pt 1), HERE (Pt 2), & HERE (Pt 3)

On how the characters responded to Aaron’s character coming in

Allison: Would you mind if I start this one off?

Saul: Go ahead.

Allison: Claudia was expecting a bit of a promotion I think starting out really just kind of like, Myka is gone, let’s get her back but in the interim. I’m here, Pete needs a partner, let’s go. And that’s not what Artie’s got in mind and so she feels a little slighted when this new guy comes aboard. Not exactly friendly to him initially, but sort of getting to know him more and Steve imparting his wisdom into a frustrated 20-year-old really brings Claudia around and the relationship goes from, at first prickly, to one of real familial love and that becomes extremely important to Claudia over the course of the season.

Eddie: Yes, in regards to Pete, I think he’s still stinging from the way that Myka decided to leave the Warehouse. He feels like she basically ditched him and so he doesn’t want have anything to do with the new guy. And I actually think he’s pushing for Claudia to come out with him because he knows Claudia. He cares about Claudia and Claudia doesn’t remind him of the fact that Myka has gone and kind of left him hanging as if were.

Saul: Well, it’s tricky because the most important thing, you get the feeling from the pilot episode that Mrs. Frederic and I had some discussion about bringing Myka and Pete in and from what happened when Claudia arrives at the Warehouse, there was a discussion about even terminating Claudia on some levels. It was terrifying if I do say what happened, but there was procedure for terminating someone forever in a way, terminating them. And bringing her in to the Warehouse was on my head.

There was a responsibility. I have to see how it’s going to work out. Artie’s constantly observing to see how the relationships are playing out and to see whether there’s any bonding happening or whether there’s friction. And if any of that is useful in terms of the job. Also, it’s like bringing a new kid into the family that we’ve adopted. So Artie’s responsibility as a boss is one thing but then he gets emotionally attached and that happens and it could play havoc with the way things operate. It could work well for the Warehouse. But it could also create danger. In our case, both things happen. It works well and it also creates danger.

So he is like – he does fit in as an actor, really well. As a character, he does and he doesn’t. There are things that – aspects for his personality, there are (off footing) and because we do miss – the agents certainly miss Myka and her presence and how the chemistry works and their aspects to his character certainly I think he’s a little bit more straight-laced in some areas. He’s ethically a very by-the-book – has really – his hierarchy of values is really strong and it plays a part in the storyline.

[That was my question!]

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On what Aaron Ashmore brings to the series

Eddie: What I think we learned about Aaron – the first couple of episodes because as you know he becomes Pete’s new partner. And so he is a great actor. He’s got great comedic timing. And there is something about – his character is into – is this to be Buddhist? I think he’s Buddhist.

Allison: Yes, he’s Buddhist.

Eddie: No, he’s very Zen and it’s a lot like Aaron himself. And so he brings like in relation to Pete, he’s like the calming force to Pete and whereas where Myka was a little more rigid, he’s calming in a completely different way. He’s just more laid back and relaxed and I think he brings a real freshness to the series and not that the series needed freshening up, you know, I think we’re still in a great place in regards to the status of the show. But he takes a show that didn’t really need freshening up and makes it even that much more enjoyable.

Allison: Fresh.

Eddie: Fresh.

Allison: Yes, I have to add, having spent – having the pleasure of spending a lot of time with Aaron this season, he is a phenomenal actor. He’s a cosmic professional and is really hilarious and super (fassel) at what the show requires which is the ability to stand in the moment and have (gravitos) and then flip right over to sometimes absurd comedy.

And he and I are wired very much the same in the way we approach the day. We come to set prepared and then, you know, have fun in the moment. And I think he’s had the opportunity to work with all of us in different storylines and I haven’t heard a bad thing about him. I think he’s just one of those guys who has the ability to complement whoever he’s working with and really just elevate a scene. So we really lucked out with Aaron.

On whether or not we’ll learn more about the Regents this season

Saul: Yes.

Allison: A lot.

Saul: You will. The Regents, there is an aspect to their past that creates great jeopardy for the Warehouse and for them. I can tell you that much. I think that we’re – the writers have gotten further into their responsibilities and how they operate with each other and also in relationship to us. So, yes.

On what they would like to see happen with their characters

Allison: Well, I kind of got what I wanted this season, Claudia exploring her young adulthood and coming in to her own as a member of the team. But going forward, I really love exploring that story and we know from Claudia’s first episode that she was orphaned because both of her parents died mysteriously. But we don’t know anything about that and I’m really curious who Claudia’s parents were. Were they in some indirect way tied to the Warehouse or where they not at all.

And I’m also curious about what we touched at the end of Season 2 which is Claudia’s destiny as the future Mrs. Frederic. I know that the writers have an idea of where they’d like to go with that. But they have certainly not let me in on the secret. So that’s something that I’d like to explore.

Eddie: I’d like to do some kind of Marine Corps flashback with Pete and have him go back into the Marine Corps and discover why he’s no longer in the Marine Corps and how we got from the Marine Corps to – into the secret service. We kind of touched on it in the words last season but I think it would be cool to kind of make that because I think it’s an important part of who Pete is. So I that’d be cool.

Saul: I think it’d be interesting to explore somebody – Artie has been with the Warehouse so long, it would be interesting to see what would make him want to leave it. What would it be – what would it take – what kind of storyline would it take, what kind of incident or series of incidents to do with the Warehouse and in his life would bring his participation in the Warehouse to a crisis, a real crisis, not because somebody else wants him gone, like MacPherson, not because of outside forces but because of what’s happening inside of him. What would that be. I’m curious. So that would be interesting to me.

On having Lindsay Wagner back & Artie’s relationship with her

Saul: Yes. I can tell you that Artie is trying to – with the help of Claudia and egging on of Pete, he’s slowly trying to step forward to try to have the kind of relationship he never had and is wondering whether he’ll be accepted or rejected. But there’s something about her past that he doesn’t expect and that’s as far as I can go.

On what kind of super power they would choose if they could, like on Alphas

[Allison answered previously she would like mind manipulation powers]

Eddie: I’d like to fly. Fly. Mine is fly.

Saul: You want to be able to fly.

Eddie: Nobody else fly.

Saul: Well, there are – right now they have the powers of what, super strength, the ability to accentuate anyone of their senses at the expense of other senses, the ability – what’s the other woman do?

Allison: She’s a mind manipulator.

Saul: Oh, she can bend people to her will, right? And the other one is able to pull out any kind of electronic auras of the air and manipulate them. Wow. I’d like to be able to play any musical instrument that I touch.

On the group dynamics off camera & whether or not Eddie is cast clown

Saul: Hate each other. We never see each other off-screen.

Allison: Yes, we’re not friends.

Saul: Not always, we all are kind of goofy. You work long hours and if you’re not goofy, you’ll just go insane. That’s not really fair to say that. Eddie, yes, likes to clown around. We call it the buffoon…

Allison: He’s the gaseous of all of us, let’s just say that.

Saul: Yes, he’s the gaseous. I mean, if something is going to be…

Eddie: Actually right now.

Saul: Yes, luckily we’re not in the same room with him, you know, or in a car.

Eddie: The paint is actually melting off the wall here.

Saul: Yes, I’m not surprised. No, I don’t know if we categorize ourselves that way. We all are pretty goofy on the set. Sometimes we get serious and we work really long hours. But mostly laugh. We have a lot of stuff to get through. We really – the directors are given a handful of stuff. I mean, they really have sometimes 10 days with the work that they’ve got to do it. And it’s tricky – we got to be there, we can’t be late. We got to be on the (money) in terms of our lines and our presence and there’s a lot of hard work.

So with the way we blow out steam is with each other goofing around and some of that fun has got to make it on to the show.

Eddie: Hey, guys. I’m sorry. I love you. I got to get back. They’re calling me back in. So… Thank you, all you guys out there for the interest in the show. And I hope you enjoy the season this year. Truly, truly thank you for your support and interest and hope to see you at Comic Con.

On coming up with the artifacts, the writers’ work, etc

Saul: Coming on to our set, the writers have – everyone of the writers gets to see their episode shot. They come to Toronto. They get to see it. It helps them immeasurably in understanding how production works so that they’re not writing huge sets that are going to be used for an eighth of a page.

They’re learning how production affects the writing and how their writing can really seriously adversely affect the budget. And so they’ve learned. But also they’re inspired by it. So in an indirect way, they’re like kids. It’s really fun to watch them come to the show because when you come – we’re operating out of a huge building that has three different studios in it that we use. And they’re beautifully designed.

And just walking into the atmosphere is like walking a little bit into a storybook. We’ve had visitors, various family members from cast and crew come in and you look at them and it’s like they’re coming in to Disneyland in a way. There’s a real child-like expression in their eyes. And even if the writer has written the episode, they are inspired with a child-like fashion by the design of the show.

Allison: And likewise, going back to that question, if Franco builds something beautiful that’s mentioned in one script, and it’s really spectacular and just looks – goes very well on camera, we work with it well, it will reappear later on in other episodes. Right now I can say that of the periscopes that you see in the first episode, as well as the pneumatic tube system that’s in the office.

On favorite places to film

Saul: We film exclusively in and around Toronto. And Toronto of course is a really kind of wonderful, you know various looks that could be anywhere in the world. So we’ve been able to shoot London, Paris, Rome, different parts of the United States, all in and around Toronto.

My favorite location is the Warehouse. I love shooting in Artie’s office. I’m – there isn’t an angle in that room that isn’t shootable. That’s my favorite place to go. We feel at home there. Going on location is always a little tricky and difficult. We went – where was that place, that amusing place, the Niagara Falls we went to last year?

Allison: It was an abandoned power plant.

Saul: Yes, it had recently been abandoned. It was an operational thing from the 19th century and recently been upgraded and they’ve got rid of it and it’s where we shot…

Allison: CERN.

Saul: …it was – we shot the place of CERN in Switzerland where Claudia’s brother works and it was an amazing location. No one had ever filmed in there. We were the very first people. We got a tour of the place that goes down into the depths, six stories. We weren’t able to shot everywhere because it was unsafe. But it was an extraordinary building. I don’t know if more people have shoot there. There’s even a coffee table book of that place in Niagara Falls, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. It was an amazing…

Allison: And what was so ironic was that it was designed by Nikola Tesla and M.C. Escher.

Saul: Well, certain things about it were, yes. Yes.

Allison: Big beautiful blue turbine and whatnot. Yes, I’d forgotten about that. It’s a beautiful place. I’m the same. I really love Artie’s office. It does feel like home. There’s a comfort about shooting at the studio, although the musician and they really did enjoy filming inside the (Silver Dollar) this year.

On the possibility of a musical episode

Allison: I certainly hope not.

Saul: I have no idea. There are going to be musical aspects to the show, but doing a whole show that would be a musical, it’s not really in the cards, I don’t think. I think that they’ve created such – it’s kind of like such a big gimmick for our show that it would be like, “Why are we doing a big musical number?”

Allison: Come on. There’s a musical artifact. Just like the hat from the music man. Julie Andrew’s dress from the Sound of Music, come on, three big…

Saul: I mean, it wouldn’t be the whole episode. It would be parts of it, right? It would be fun because we have. We can’t get away from it, I guess, yes.

On why they enjoy going to Comic Con

Saul: Comic Con is a chance to meet a core audience. Some of them – there’s a lot of really wonderful fans who were very good to us the first season. We showed – right before it aired, we showed the episode with Allison and we – even though there were only three episodes that aired the very first season, we were there. We had a large group of people. That too expand the room and it continued to expand the room for us, the Warehouse 13. It’s really fun to see people who so much enjoy the show and get to talk to us directly.

That’s the best part of it, is meeting people who love your show and getting to talk to them directly. And they get to hear our stories, that’s the best part of it. Really it’s a bit of a zoo. It’s really crazy. And it’s a job for us to do PR and if we didn’t love the show as much, it would be difficult. But we all are proud of the show and it’s fun to go. And, you the event is a great launch for us.

Allison: Comic Con is kind of my Disneyland. I feel the same way. It’s really a treat to get to meet the people that consume what put so much work into face-to-face. And this year I believe our first two episodes will have aired by the time we sit down for our panel. So I’m looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to seeing all my other sci-fi friends who I don’t get to see very much because they shoot in other places. And I’m looking forward to a bocce ball rematch with Josh Gates.
Don’t forget, the season premiere of Warehouse 13 airs this Monday, July 11, at 9/8c on Syfy!

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