So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 – 8/3/11

Hard to believe we’re at the Top 6 dancers already, isn’t it? Well, believe, because we are! Tonight’s judges include the always wordy Lil’C and the beautiful Christina Applegate (Up All Night, Samantha Who?). Hopefully, the dancers can lay it all on the stage tonight to get themselves into the finale next week. Let’s see how they did.

Melanie and All-Star Twitch
Hip Hop, choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha
My Thoughts: The setting of the stage was awesome and creepy. Is there nothing that Melanie can’t do? She was fierce during this routine, and she really held her own with Twitch. It was awesome to watch, and I loved it.
Judges: Lil’C thought she worked herself up to buckness. Christina felt she was so good at being down and dirty. Mary thinks she was on fire. Nigel thinks she’s absolutely sensational.
Sasha and All-Star Kent
Contemporary, choreographed by Tyce Diorio
My Thoughts: Kent has grown up, hasn’t he? He was so strong and masculine. That was such an emotional routine, and they were tremendous together. Sasha brought me on a journey of such sadness, yet strength that I was in awe. Bravo.
Judges: Christina thanks her for being so courageous for sharing the hurt from her life with us through her dance. Mary thought it was “absolutely intoxicating.” Nigel thinks it was wonderful. Lil’C was almost in tears, which is new for me. He understands the “portal she was dancing from the whole routine.” He loves the way she dances, and she is past amazing.
Marko and All-Star Jeanette
Paso Doble, choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin
My Thoughts: First, let the girly part of me say that Marko shirtless is a beautiful thing. I’m not always a big fan of this dance genre, but Marko made me love it. I loved when he used Jeanette almost like the red cape and whipped her around and around his shoulders.
Judges: Mary thought he was on spot most of the time. Nigel said it left him a bit cold. Lil’C loves the way Marko dominated this dance. Christina loves Marko.
Ricky’s Solo
My Thoughts: There’s no doubt that Ricky is an amazing dancer, but sometimes, the faces he makes while dancing puts me off. His routine was good, but it wasn’t fantastic.
Tadd and All-Star Ellenore
Contemporary, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
My Thoughts: I get the swinging from the chandelier thing is supposed to be some sexual thing, and in a way, it was, but still really strange. It was like those strange sex swings… and no, I won’t comment on how I know about those. Tadd’s move where he balanced on the chair was really cool and showed us that Tadd has amazing arms and strength. I have to admit I found it pretty neat, but still really odd.
Judges: Nigel was embarrassed and went on to comment on the positions. Lil’C felt like Tadd was just going through the movements too quickly. Christina thought it was remarkable, and she likes the dirtier side of dance sometimes. Mary thinks his ability is extraordinary.
Caitlynn’s Solo
My Thoughts: It was a really nice solo, but not outstanding. She does have the ability to make her legs look like they go on forever with her perfect lines.
Ricky and All-Star Jaime
Contemporary, choreographed by Dee Caspary
My Thoughts: I enjoyed the idea of Ricky almost being the conductor for Jaime’s life with those sticks. It was a beautiful idea. To be slightly harsh, I think the routine was wasted on this pair. *ducks* I just feel like Ricky didn’t command enough attention and didn’t seem to have the strength to control anything. Sorry.
Judges: Lil’C gave him “props for using props.” Christina didn’t think he danced with the clearest intention. Mary thought it was beautiful. Nigel wants him to feel the movement more.
Tadd’s Solo
My Thoughts: It’s crazy to see Tadd go from a contemporary routine into what he does. His B-Boy moves are always so entertaining and flirtatious.
Sasha’s Solo
My Thoughts: I love watching Sasha dance, because she draws you in with her movements and her facial expressions. She is fabulous, and her strength is inspiring for women everywhere.
Caitlynn and All-Star Pasha
Samba, choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin
My Thoughts: So Caitlynn lost that pageant smile and replaced it with goofy sexy looks. She needs to learn to let her dance speak for itself. It would have to be impossible for a routine with Pasha in it not to be sexy, but he was the sexiest part of it. Technically, it looked good, but I just couldn’t get past her pouty lips and faces.
Judges: Christina thought she did well. Mary thought she did wonderfully. Nigel thought they did great, but she needs to stop pulling faces. Lil’C thought she was cannon balling things into the moves instead of swan diving.
Marko’s Solo
My Thoughts: I love watching him dance. He’s so fluid. It wasn’t his best solo, but it was pretty darn amazing.
Melanie’s Solo
My Thoughts: What a tremendous solo! That was awe inspiring. One of the most amazing solos I’ve seen on this show. I can’t believe she figured out her solo at the last minute. Genius.
Sasha and Ricky
Whacking, choreographed by Kumari Suraj
My Thoughts: Sasha ruled this routine. She was sexy without even trying to be. Ricky seemed to be lost compared to Sasha, and that was strange. Let the whacking jokes begin.
Judges: Mary thought they did a good job. She thinks Sasha whacked better than Ricky. 😉 Nigel didn’t think the “whacking was lacking anything.” Lil’C wanted to see them to enjoy the dance a bit more, instead of focusing on the moves so much. They need to whack it to the bone. *giggle* Christina thought they could have “whacked it harder.” 😀
Melanie and Tadd
Broadway, choreographed by Spencer Liff
My Thoughts: Melanie looked really sexy in that dress. Tadd did a great job of playing aloof. They did great together, although they lack the crazy chemistry that Melanie and Marko have. That said, Tadd held his own. They are both great actors and fabulous dancers. Melanie killed another routine, as usual.
Judges: Nigel loved it and thought Melanie was amazing. He thinks Tadd held his own. Lil’ C thinks that Melanie is soooo buck. Christina thinks Melanie’s taken dance to a new level. She thinks Tadd has beautiful hands? Mary thinks America loves Tadd and Melanie.
Caitlynn and Marko
Jazz, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
My Thoughts: Watching Marko and Caitlynn dance makes me realize that Caitlynn isn’t as good as I originally thought. Marko’s stage presence overpowers the piece and demands to be watched. He’s simply amazing. That said, this was Caitlynn’s best performance of the night by far. Marko just stole the routine for me.
Judges: Lil’C thinks this was “##Buck.” He was short winded for once. Christina thinks Marko is a beast and thinks his aggression was beautiful. She thinks that was Caitlynn’s moment. Mary thinks this was one of Caitlynn’s best routines ever. Nigel thinks this routine proves why Sonya is a world class choreographer.
It was an amazing night of dance, and these Top 6 are all very talented. If I had to pick who goes home, I would choose Ricky and Caitlynn. They just aren’t as good as the others.

Tune in to FOX Thursday night at 8/7c to see who survives this week’s cuts.

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