Review for True Blood: “I Wish I Was the Moon” – 8/6/11

Last Sunday brought us another new and confuddled episode of True Blood. There was a lot going on this episode. From Bill walking in on Sookie and Eric, to Lafayette channelling some spirit and saving Jesus (what a strange sentence to write lol), it was steady drama.

Jump ahead and get yourself prepared for tomorrow’s all new episode.

We start the episode off with Bill swooping in when Sookie and Eric are just about to get to know each other better on the couch. Bill should never play poker, because we can see that it’s not the fact that Eric has been hiding out that’s got him angry. He just doesn’t like someone else tasting the girl he loves.

King Bill takes Eric into custody, and Sookie is pissed off, to say the least. She’s defending Eric, and Bill is not enjoying it. Bill actually orders Sookie off his property and gives the guards instructions that if she returns, to arrest her. Wow, asshole much?

Continuing on the road of jerk things to do, Bill gives an order to give Eric the ‘true death,’ because he’s a risk to all vampires. Bill, your stupidity is a risk to all vampires.

The thing that gets me the most is Eric grovelling for his life. He gives this great speech about how he can’t defend the vampire he was before, and he’s sorry. He also wants Bill to reconcile with Sookie, because she deserves to be happy. Really, Bill doesn’t deserve that.

Meanwhile, Sookie seeks out Jason to unload her issues, but finds he has way more issues than her at the moment. She finds him handcuffed to the bed, and not because he’s been having kinky sex. Nope, it’s because he’s worried that he’s going to turn into a were-panther at the full moon.

Sookie stays with him for awhile, until he runs off into the woods. Who should he run into, but Jessica. She said she came because she sensed he was in trouble. They discuss the were-panther issues, and she sits with him for a bit, keeping him calm. Turns out he doesn’t change, but they do have a few close calls with the sexual tension. Kudos to Jason for constantly reminding himself that Jessica is with Hoyt… for now, at least.

While searching for Jason, Sookie runs into Alcide and Debbie, who are on their way to run with the local pack. Sookie questions Alcide about how one becomes a were-animal. He informs her that you have to be born that way, that you can’t turn just from being bitten. (At least, not on this show 😉 )

Good thing that Sookie found out that information so she could take her sweet time finding Jason. She did, however, find someone else in the woods. Eric.

Surprise, he’s not dead. Bill let him go. Too bad for Bill that Sookie’s relief and gratitude are directed at Eric, and not him. Sookie and Eric finally finish what they started on the couch. I’m not sure about other fans, but I was super happy that we finally have Sookie and Eric together.

On to some other non-Sookie related stuff.

Marnie (aka the crazy witch) has been locked up in the basement of Bill’s house, and up until now, she’s seemed pretty harmless. This episode, she starts cutting herself up with her fingernails and using her blood for a sacrifice so she can channel the spirit who has been helping her. See, crazy witch.

She succeeds and is shown what happened with Antonia back when she was imprisoned for being a witch. Turns out that a lot of those priests were actually vampires, and we see how the vampire, Luis, raped and tortured Antonia. This was a brutal scene, and I found it difficult to watch. I just want to say that there have been an enormous amount of rape scenes this season, and it’s a bit disturbing.

Marnie is now possessed by Antonia. She draws Luis to her through the security monitor, and he goes down to the cells. Luis recognizes Antonia’s power and he thinks he’s going to kill her. He’s wrong, and ends up kneeling before her.

Elsewhere, Tara’s girlfriend from New Orleans, Naomi, shows up to confront Toni (who is actually Tara). She finds out all about Tara’s true identity. She’s mad at first, and then they end up having wild sex on the floor. Things are going well for them, and Naomi is on her way out of town, when Pam shows up. She’s all rotting and disgusting, looking for revenge. Seeing as Layfayette is out of town and Marnie is still locked up in Bill’s compound, Tara is the lucky subject. We don’t know what happens here, because the show moves along, but we all know Tara will talk her way out of it. Unless, of course, Pam actually kills her, and frankly, I’d be okay with that. I’m a little sick of Tara.

Let’s talk about the road trip to Mexico that Layfayette and Jesus took. (Seriously, every time I write a sentence about Layfayette and Jesus, I feel like I’m setting up for a punch line about a bar. 😉 ) Anyway, Jesus goes to his grandfather’s house, and let me tell you, this is no normal grandpa.

He sends them on a mission to find a sacrifice, and the boys bring back a rattlesnake. Grandpa uses the snake in the ritual, and then allows it to bite Jesus and tells Layfayette to protect him. All right, that sounds easy. Surprise, more strange shit. Layfayette saves him by becoming a medium and channeling a member of Jesus’ brujo family. It was a really odd scene and just made my skin crawl. I have no idea where this going, but whereever it is, you can be sure it’s going to be a messed up journey.

Also in this episode:

  • Creepy Mikey managed to get out of the burning house before anyone else. He was sitting on the lawn with that disgusting devil doll. Mikey then sees this beautiful magic looking woman, who no one else sees. *cue scary music*
  • Andy Bellefleur is making googly eyes to Holly. He shows his admiration to her by lifting her chair over his head like a He-Man.
  • Debbie has been sneaking behind Alcide’s back to go with the local pack. She tells him it’s because she feels isolated and needs something more in her life than him.
  • Sam loses his mind temporarily and puts Tommy in charge of the bar for the day.
  • Tommy’s skinwalker ability finally surfaces, and he takes on the form of Sam. While he’s Sam, he fires Sookie, sleeps with and embarasses Luna, and then throws up and turns back into Tommy.

It was a strange episode, and I have a feeling that the insanity has only begun. Tune in tomorrow night on HBO at 9/8c to see where in the world we go next.

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