If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/9/11

Who watched Covert Affairs last night? I did, I did! It was a great episode—so many big things happened! Danielle learned Annie worked for the CIA and kicked her out because she didn’t feel like her daughters were safe with Annie there (she may have a point, unfortunately), Annie and Auggie had several fantastic scenes together (my shipper heart squeed!), and something is up with Jai. It was a great summer finale, and I can’t wait until it returns with new episodes! Now, on to tonight’s TV. What do we think you should watch? Read on & find out!

Jenny’s Choice #1

Last week’s episode of Royal Pains was BRUTAL for our favorite residents of the Hamptons. Evan proposed (in the photo booth, which was TOO adorable!), and Paige said yes, only to retract her acceptance when she learned he didn’t ask her father’s permission (seriously, who still does that?!). Then when Evan DID talk to him, the General said of course, but he asked that Evan and Paige wait until after the election. Will Paige defy Daddy? I guess we’ll see… Then, you had the whole Raj coming to Divya and being a big douche about her new apartment (which was fantastic!), and then he had the gall to present her with a bill from his even douchier (*laugh*) parents? I admire the way Divya is handling it all, but if it had been me? I’d have smacked him, shoved the bill where his parents couldn’t find it, and then … I dunno. I’ve got nothing. But I’d be SERIOUSLY pissed off. haha Finally, you had Jill, who remembered the men at the crash spoke German. How long before she connects the “It’s not her” to Boris and Marisa? She’s a smart lady. It won’t be long. What will she do when she figures it out? Confront Boris? Ask new mommy Marisa? All of that was on top of the case of the week: scurvy! Seriously? Scurvy? That’s awesome. lol I love this show!

Tonight, a local magician seeks help for the high amount of anxiety that he is experiencing after it begins to affect his performance. Evan learns that Hank has a fear of public speaking after booking him for a television appearance. Matt Lauer guest stars.

Check it out tonight on USA at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Royal Pains @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what else we recommend.

Kyle’s Choice

One show I enjoy every Wednesday is Melissa & Joey. (Whoa!) I originally started watching purely for the cast—I was a fan of Melissa Joan Hart from Clarissa Explains It All, and I grew up watching Joey Lawrence on all kinds of shows, from Gimme a Break to Blossom. Melissa & Joey is a light, fun, romantic comedy, with an ABC/TGIF type vibe to it. Parallels can definitely be seen between this series and Who’s the Boss, with Joey/Tony working as a housekeeper for motivated career woman Melissa/Angela. However, I like the way they have modernized the family in this show, making the children Mel’s niece and nephew. Each week, we continue to see the will they/won’t they, with hints of either Mel falling for Joe or the other way around, but neither will admit their feelings to the other. We all know they probably won’t get together (or at least not for a long time), but it’s still fun to watch & hope. Sometimes I’m a little shocked with some of the adult themes they are able to slip into the episodes, especially for an 8pm show on a channel with “family” in the name. However, this seems to be par for the course for anything on ABC Family. Either kids are a lot more grown up these days, or the “Family” in ABC Family is just a misnomer. Either way, I’m still enjoying the series and always find Melissa & Joey a fun way to spend a half hour.

On tonight’s episode, “Waiting for Mr. Right,” Mel feels the pressure to find someone after her last single friend gets engaged.

See the new episode tonight on ABC Family at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Melissa & Joey @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice

It started with thousands of auditions, which dwindled into hundreds, and then the Top 20 dancers were chosen. Now that Top 20 has become the Final 4. Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, those final 4 dancers will lay it all on the line to try and become America’s favorite dancer. I honestly think that Melanie is going to take it all, but we’ll see how they perform tonight.

On tonight’s episode, Melanie, Marko, Tadd, and Sasha are all trying to be at 110% as they battle to be the last dancer standing. Katie Holmes and choreographer Kenny Ortega are the guest judges.

Tune in to FOX at 8/7c to see how much more the dancers have left to give. Learn where to find episodes online of So You Think You Can Dance @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

I love Wednesday nights, because TV Land’s comedies really just tickle my funny bone. They never fail to make me laugh, but there’s always something so heartwarming about them, too.

The ladies on Hot in Cleveland are sometimes vain and self-centered, but they love and support each other and Elka without question. It’s so fun to watch their friendships as they deal with living in a city almost the complete opposite of L.A. On tonight’s episode, “Too Hot for TV,” viewers are presented with various entertaining highlights featuring many of the most memorable moments from the season’s previous episodes.

Then on tonight’s episode of Happily Divorced, called “Vegas Baby,” Elliot is told by Fran that he must either accompany her to Las Vegas or have their relationship end. Fran and Peter spend a wild night together, the results of which threaten to destroy Fran’s chances with Elliot forever. I’m VERY confused…Is anyone else? Last I saw (on the episode the week before last), Elliot was back with his ex-wife, and Fran left his place after humiliating herself by getting naked and getting into his hot tub. Did I miss something? lol On a cool note, when Peter accompanies Fran to Vegas, he meets a handsome man—and this guy really understands Peter’s relationship with his ex-wife! Peter Marc Jacobson, Fran Drescher’s real-life ex-husband, and Jennifer Holliday guest star!

See the new episodes tonight on TV Land at 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of Hot in Cleveland & Happily Divorced @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

The fire house is still reeling from the mess Tommy made last episode with his comments during the 9/11 news piece. The other firefighters are revolting against him, and his relationship with Kelly keeps getting more and more complicated. Seems like nothing in Tommy’s life can ever be easy or run smoothly. Then again, it wouldn’t be Rescue Me without all the drama! What hole will Tommy dig himself into tonight?

Tonight, Tommy’s badge is revoked, due to his tirade, and Sheila’s two-pronged attack hits Tommy’s critics to clear the Gavin family name.

Tune in at 10/9c to FX! Learn where to find episodes online of Rescue Me @ Clicker.

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