So You Think You Can Dance Final 4 – 8/10/11

We are nearing the finish line to see who’s going to be named America’s favorite dancer, and it’s going to be a dance off like no other.

Tonight, our guest judges include Kenny Ortega and Katie Holmes (Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark). The dancers will dance solo, with an all-star, and with each other, giving us plenty of times to fall in or out of love with them. Let’s see how it went.

Melanie and Marko
Disco, choreographed by Doriana Sanchez
My Thoughts: That routine seemed a little over packed, or was that just me? I thought that they looked like they were having difficulty with it, and I say that out of love. I adore them, but I expected more. It could be the fact that they were concentrating so hard on the difficult lifts that I found their usual chemistry was lacking.
Judges: Kenny thought it was electric and fun. Katie loved their energy. Mary thought the lifts were a bit messy. Nigel thought it looked uncomfortable.
Sasha and all-star Mark
Jazz, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
My Thoughts: Is it just me or is Mark looking incredibly ripped and all filled out? Sorry, I was slightly distracted. πŸ™‚ I love that Sonya choreographed this with Sasha’s struggles in life in her mind. Sasha was hot and fiery. That routine was deep, and I loved the strength it gave to women.
Judges: Katie loved it and loves how strong and powerful she is. Mary screamed. Nigel thinks she just threw down the gauntlet to the other dancers. Kenny thinks she’s “Sasha Warrior Princess.”
Tadd and all-star Joshua
Hip Hop, choreographed by Lil’C
My Thoughts: So nice to see Joshua again. Those boys were looking so incredibly hot. I really loved the sequence on their knees. That was incredibly fluid. I think Tadd did a good job of being tough. He has a way to go before he’s as tough as Joshua, but he held his own.
Judges: Mary thinks he did enough to come off as hard, even though he’s a “sweetie pie.” Nigel thought it was “down and dirty on his knees.” Kenny thinks the pairing was perfect. Katie thinks his hustling was terrific.
Melanie and all-star Robert
Contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey
My Thoughts: Robert and Melanie were fabulous together. This routine was beautiful and awe inspiring. Melanie just oozes talent. It’s insane.
Judges: Nigel says she’s captured his heart. Kenny says he would push himself to the front of the line to have a chance to work with her. Katie thinks she’s magical. Mary thinks she’s captivating.
Sasha and Marko
Broadway, choreographed by Spencer Liff
My Thoughts: This was a humorous and cheeky routine. I really enjoyed their characters, and I thought that Sasha looked stunning in her ballgown. Such a contrast to her in the previous routine. The geeky waiter character that Marko was portraying was delightful, and I found myself smiling the whole time. Well done, guys.
Judges: Kenny thinks there is nothing Sasha can’t do. Katie loved it. She thinks Sasha is beautiful and so strong. Mary thinks Marko did a fabulous job of being a different character that’s so different than his usual self. Nigel didn’t enjoy it. In fact, I found his critism rude by saying that Sasha makes a better warrior. I thought that his comment was like saying she can’t just be a beautiful, flirtatious woman.
Melanie’s Solo
My Thoughts: First, we see a clip of her discussing her experience on the show, and it was emotional about her father. Then she pulls out this emotionally charged solo that reminds us all how amazing she really is.
Marko’s Solo
My Thoughts: That was a great solo. He’s such a strong dancer. I love how humble he is. It’s also always awe inspiring to hear about how he survived being shot. That’s a huge injury to overcome.
Sasha and Tadd
Cha-Cha, choreographed by Mark Ballas
My Thoughts: I don’t know what to say except it was really messy. There were a lot of missed connections with their hands. The lifts were of,f as well. I was just really unimpressed, but I still love them. Sasha did look amazing in that dress, though, and she was marginally better than Tadd.
Judges: Katie was diplomatic and just told them how much she enjoys them as dancers overall . Mary said it didn’t work, and they struggled. Nigel called Tadd out on not being able to conquer this style. He said Sasha was out of her element, too. Kenny thinks it was too ambitious for tonight, and to let it go and then come back and blow us away.
Marko and all-star Lauren
Contemporary, choreographed by Tessandra Chavez
My Thoughts: Lauren is more beautiful than ever, if that’s even possible. This piece was beautiful, and I loved the passion they brought to it. The lift where Marko spun her over his shoulder three times in a row was mesmerizing.
Judges: Mary thinks he lives his second chance in every step. Nigel thinks it was a fabulous performance. Kenny thinks their spirits came alive during that number. Katie thought it was stunning.
Tadd’s Solo
My Thoughts: I always enjoy Tadd’s solos, because they’re whimsical. The way he plays to the audience is a gift. It was enjoyable as usual.
Tadd and Melanie
Jazz, choreographed by Ray Leeper
My Thoughts: That was fabulous. I loved every minute of it, and really thought they were both amazing. Tadd plays the bad boyfriend well. πŸ˜‰ Melanie owned that stage and gave Tadd the hell he deserved. I enjoyed how there were moments for each dancer to shine individually. Of course, ending with Tadd in boxers is never a bad thing.
Judges: Nigel thinks Melanie’s character was brilliant. He also thinks Tadd redeemed himself. Kenny is glued to watching the stage when Melanie is on. Katie thought it was so much fun, and she loved the characters. Mary thinks Tadd brought sexy back and was redeemed. She loved Melanie’s strut.
Sasha’s Solo
My Thoughts: That was beautiful. I am inspired by how far Sasha has come from the beginning. She’s earned her spot in this finale a thousand times over.
Melanie and Sasha
Contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey
My Thoughts: This routine captured every moment that every housewife has felt desperate or trapped and threw it to music. It was enthralling and moving. I loved it, and these two are two of the most beautiful female dancers I have ever seen.
Judges: Kenny thought it was powerful. Katie loved seeing them dance together. She loved their outfits. Mary thinks it was beautiful. Nigel just gushed about being so proud.
Marko and Tadd
Gumboot Stepping, choreographed by Chuck Maldonado
My Thoughts: It was a neat routine, but a bit strange. πŸ™‚ The rubber boots were weird to see. lol I did think the boys did a good job, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.
Judges: Katie thought it was really athletic. Mary thought it was solid gold. Nigel basically said they did their best, but a girl is going to win. Kenny thought they did their job.
What a night! They all did what they could, but was it enough? Who do you think is going to win? If I was a betting girl, my money would be on Melanie. We’ll have to find out tomorrow night at 8/7c on FOX.

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