Recap/Review of Childrens Hospital – “The Night Shift” – 8/11/11

Childrens Hospital

As I was typing up my recap of this week’s Childrens Hospital episode, I realized just how wacky and crazy this show sounds when it is written down!

In last week’s episode, “Munch by Proxy,” we met the secret wife of Dr. Owen Maestro, played by Alicia Silverstone. I think it is great (and appropriate for this show), that we just now—almost at the end of the third season—discover that Dr. Owen is married and has a child! At the end of the episode, we see her being taken away by the cops for, literally, eating her baby.

For those of you reading this who have never seen Childrens Hospital before, yes, the show is as strange and wacky as it sounds, but it is equally hilarious! While each episode is only 11 minutes long (including credits), this series manages to squeeze in more laughs than a typical sitcom twice as long. However, due to the short length, the recap below does go into great detail.

Jump with us to see what happened in this week’s episode.

Sy Middleman introduces the night shift supervisor, Dr. Geza (Nick Kroll), and announces that the entire hospital staff must work that evening’s night shift. While on her evening rounds, Dr. Lola Spratt discovers that Sy has allowed Dr. Blake’s brother, Sir Tinkle Button, to use the hospital to shoot a porno. When Blake discovers what his brother is doing, the two fight like little kids. Just then, a teenager starts to code, so the Chief grabs Dr. Spratt and the “nurse” from the porno film to help. Meanwhile, Dr. Owen and Dr. Valerie swallow handfulls of speed and run around the hospital, but their happiness is short-lived as Owen falls to the ground, convulsing from a heart attack. Valerie runs for help, returning with the porn “nurse”, who accidentally kills herself while trying to use the paddles on Owen, who also doesn’t make it. Cue the dramatic music as the entire hospital staff carries off Owen’s body above their heads. As they enter the parking lot a wooden crate is delivered, and out pops Owen, dressed as a magician. When the staff looks up to their hands, they discover Owen is no longer there! Ta da!

Overall, this was another hilarious episode of Childrens Hospital. Lots of laughs, and even a Star Wars reference when Dr. Blake feels the presence of his brother in the hospital. It was fun to see Nick Kroll as a guest, although when he first emerged from the shadows as this pale man with a mysterious Eastern European accent, I was hoping we would get some kind of Transylvanian vampire twist. One thing I always like about this series is how they parody other shows. In this episode, we got a Grey’s Anatomy dramatic music death scene, and some creative 24-style editing. Though, I don’t recall ever seeing a five camera-view or filmstrip-style split screen on 24!

I highly recommend this show—I just hope my recap/review does it justice.

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